At an average casino, it is very common to find different game types similar to each other. However, few gaming differences have been developed in recent times, and slot games are a perfect example. The reason for numerous slots variants is not farfetched; there is no patent on it. So many companies delved into the business of creating their own slot games.

There are table games of different variants too. However, the variants and ways to play slot games are very similar; the only difference is usually the game rules.

How External Factors Influenced Casino Game Variants

Many factors are responsible for the existence of variants in casino games. One of such factors is the external factors. In the 19th century, there was a gambling ban. This ban made the traditional slot go into hiding, and they turned into family-friendly sweet vending machines. These machines swapped the symbols into fruit symbols. When the ban was eventually lifted, the machines remained, and that is what we know as fruit slots today.

Technological advancement and a high level of competitiveness among video gaming companies are also instrumental in the existence of variants in casino games. Now, anything can be turned into a game from TV shows to movies, lifestyle, historical figures, and many more. This is possible because technology gives room for it to be possible.

All these contributed to the reason why there are many variants of casino games today.

Other Casino Games

Looking at the history of many casino games, you will discover that it encompasses the world. This is one reason why there are many variants. After Blaise Pascal invented the roulette with his pal, another person did his part by adding zero to it. By the time the roulette got to America, they added double zero to it. That was what gave birth to the American roulette. Currently, you can find various roulette at online casinos; an example of such are 101 roulette, spread bet roulette, Quantum roulette, and European roulette.

Card games

Talking about how card games have evolved, poker and blackjack are not left out in this development. Now you can find various variants of both card games. We have American Blackjack, Vegas strip blackjack, blackjack Switch, and European blackjack, among other blackjacks in existence.

Though we might have different types of blackjack, they all fall within the tentacle of the three main categories of blackjack, namely, card poker, stud poker, and draw poker. The pokers can either be a natural evolution, or that which some person’s added their spins to it at a certain point in time that brought about the existence of a new variant. Owing to the constant advancement in technology, many games are still evolving. By the next century, we might have triple the number of poker games in circulation.


The existence of variants in casino games has served everybody to the point of satisfaction. It has provided many opportunities for developers to bring out new and more interesting games to the satisfaction of the lovers of various casino games.