What is Fuzzy Logic in AI and what are its applications

Information technologies refer to as use of computers to store, transmit, retrieve and manipulate data. Information Technology plays a vital role in every business type no matter small medium or large. It is used in most of the companies to implement communication and of the smooth running of the organization. Starting from a daily life should use to our working environment all of us are connected to technology in some other way. Since the day of its initiation, technology has become an integral and important part of every one’s life. 

Importance of Information Technology

There are many sectors where artificial intelligence is used and is considered to be a very important part. As, In business, Which the introduction of computers, the world of business is completely changed. Using computers and software the businesses use information technology to ensure that the department’s runs smoothly. In education: In this sector the teachers can prepare their students for the future with full of gadgets with the use of technology. In health care: The improvements in information technology have allowed for great reform and health care sector. Now the medical offices can send and receive digital medical information from doctors anytime. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is referred to as the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are program to think like humans and to also mimic the actions of humans. There are many “artificial intelligence online certification provided by many institutes for the Aspiring students. 

What is Fuzzy Logic?

The fuzzy logic is referred to as the method of reasoning that resembles human reasoning.  The approach is similar to how humans perform decision making and it also involves all the intermittent possibilities between yes and no. This logic works on the levels of possibilities of input to achieve a definite output. It can be implemented in systems with different sizes and capabilities such as large network or workstation-based systems and microcontrollers.

What is the use of Fuzzy Logic?

The fuzzy logic system is used for both commercial and practical purposes. It controls machines and consumer products, Items in dealing with the uncertainty in engineering and if not, accurate reasoning it at least provides acceptable reasoning for the users.

What are the applications of Fuzzy Logic?

The fuzzy logic is used in many fields like domestic Goods, Automotive systems, Environment control etc. The applications of fuzzy logic are : The fuzzy logic controls the speed and traffic in the automotive system, It is used in the aerospace field for altitude control of spacecraft and satellite, It does so controls the pH, drying, chemical distillation process in chemical industry, It is used for decision making support system and personal Evaluation in the large company business, It is extensively used in modern control systems such as export systems, It is used in natural language processing and various intense applications in artificial intelligence and it mimics how a person would make decisions.

What are the advantages of fuzzy logic?

The advantages of using fuzzy logic are: The structure of the logic system is easy and understandable by all. It is widely used for commercial and practical purposes. Fuzzy Logic helps you to deal with the uncertainty in engineering, it is mostly robust as no precise inputs are required, It comes here to control machines and consumer products, You can easily modify it to improve or alter system performance as per your wish, inexpensive sensors can be used which helps you to keep the overall system cost and complexity a bit low And if the feedback center stops working you can also program it into the situation.

What are the disadvantages of fuzzy logic?

The disadvantages of fuzzy logic are the fuzzy logic is not always accurate, so the results are received based on assumptions. Validation and verification of a fuzzy knowledge base system needs extensive testing with hardware, the fuzzy logic cannot recognize machine learning as well as neural network type patterns, What’s the first is confused with probability theory at times, setting exact fuzzy rules and membership functions is a very difficult task for the user.

The applications of Fuzzy Logic in artificial intelligence Is very important and effective for the users. Fuzzy Logic in AI is an interrogative and essential part.