The Remote Work Myths to Leave Behind in 2021

Gone are the days when you can doubt whether remote working is a real thing or not. The pandemic has changed the fate of remote working but also proved that you can get remote work done in your house with equal or more efficiency.

According to a survey by the PWC remote working during pandemic has seen an overwhelming success for employers as well as the employees. 

Don’t believe us? Hear it from the BBC. After surveying over 4,700 knowledgeable workers BBC published a report that showed that the majority of workers do not want to return to their office following the old office routine. 

Not only this but 72% of those workers also believed that a hybrid remote office model in the post coronavirus world would be or favorable for them. 

The studies and their results mentioned above make it clear that the massive work shift after the coronavirus outbreak proved to be better and more beneficial for the employees. However, even after endless surveys, studies prove some people still do not think of remote working as a beneficial working mode for the employees or even for employers. 

So it is about the time that we not only decode the common myths associated with remote working but also prepare you for the remote work because this is the future. 

So here are some of the myths and the reality.

Myth 1: Remote Workers Are Not Productive

If you do a Google search of how remote work looks like, you will find some super interesting pictures associated with the work from home culture. 

You will find people working from a vacation destination, or working in their pajamas while sipping coffee on the living room sofa, and the most common sight of working from bed while lying comfortably. 

All of these images show that as a remote worker you do need to be in your professional attire. However, these images have created an unreal perspective in minds of those who think less of remote working. 

A major part of the working class believes that remote working makes a worker less productive and eventually lazy. However, this is merely an opinion and not a reality. The reality is that while working remotely workers tends to spend more time working and less time being lazy at home. 

Studies show that remote workers spend longer hours than those who go to the office and work traditionally. 

It is right that remote workers do not have their bosses, managers, or an HR team hovering over them throughout the day but they still make sure they perform their best while working from home. 

Of course, there are endless factors that managed to dim the efficiency from working from home. Elements as slow internet service, home interruption, or not having the right work tools can sabotage the productivity of employees. But if as a remote worker you want the best performance at work then you need to invest a little. 

For instance, having a high-speed internet service from Spectrum is what you will be needing for interrupted work in 2021. 

Spectrum known for providing affordable entertainment through Spectrum Silver is also popular for its high-speed internet service and affordable internet bundles. 

Myth 2: Remote Workers Do Not Need Skills

This another one of the most popular myths associated with remote working. Shall we bring reality to the picture? 

Previously, a lot of people that we associated with work from home duties managed to do jobs that were not competitive. Work that requires lesser professional skills, demanded more copy-pasting skills. 

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But this was way in the past, these days everyone is a remote worker. There are now several jobs that require you to be highly skilled to prove your best during remote work. Take the examples of Duck Duck or Upstack, compies that require the best and the highly skilled developers and coders for their work. 

The reality is that remote work needs more skills, or do they have to be good in the work they are hired for but also need to have time management skills, communication skills, and a lot more. 


Remote working is now the present and also the future. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and new perspective towards this new change in professional life.