What are the ways a youtube channel can be monetized?

A Youtuber has many ways of earning income through one’s channel. Displaying advertisements in the video is the foremost, they get revenue for displaying a particular ad. Channel membership is another in which the membership perks and special perks that you offer are included. There are many more ways but first comes the question, when is a Youtuber eligible for monetization of the channel?

Eligibility for a Youtuber to make money:

A Youtuber has to either be 18 years of age or above or any of his legal guardians should be 18 years or above who can handle your payments through Adsense. Also, your channel must have above 1,000 subscribers to start monetization of your channel. You need to follow all the YouTube monetization policies to start your monetization.

Monetization options:

1. Advertising revenue: Youtubers, after starting monetization and agreeing to the YouTube policies can get ads to be displayed on their videos and get paid for the same. For this, the Youtuber has to agree to Google’s ad revenue share on YouTube. There is a split in the paying of revenue. Google keeps 45 percent of the total revenue paid by the advertising companies and the rest 55 percent is given to the Youtuber. This is how Advertising revenue works on YouTube.

2. Super chats and Super stickers- Super chats and Super stickers is a way to monetize your channel too. This is done through the YouTube partner program. In this monetization option, the viewers of your channel purchase chat messages, and those messages are something different from other viewers and they stand out from them all and sometimes the messages are pinned. Similar are the super stickers that a viewer purchases. These stickers are stickers of greeting, congratulations, and expressing support. This also comes to be a way for a Youtuber to earn money.

3. YouTube premium revenue: On purchasing a YouTube premium membership, a viewer has to give a certain amount for the purchase and this lets him see no ads while he is watching content on any channel. As Youtubers don’t have advertising revenue working here, youtube gives them a certain amount of the YouTube premium membership that the viewer purchased. As the membership is monthly based, hence youtube pays the creators with the membership amount.

4. Channel membership: This is yet another beneficial way for the creator to earn. This allows the viewers to purchase certain badges, emojis, and other goods. For this, the viewer has to join your channel through monthly payments and get the membership perks for your channel.

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How to be a part of the YouTube partner program:

To be a part of the YouTube partner program:

a) You have to be in a region where the YouTube partner program is available.

b) You should have 4000 and above public watch hours and they should be valid.

c) You should have above 1,000 subscribers to be a part of the YouTube partner program. You can also Buy YouTube Subscribers from a legitimate website.

Call for YouTube views:

In generating monetary income, views on your videos Play a crucial role. The more the views on your videos the more subscribers and more you will be able to generate monetary income. For increasing your view count you can visit https://buzzvoice.com/youtube/views/order and buy the desired number of views. This is a reputed agency that will let you buy views for your videos.

Get yourself the ease of goal:

YouTube is a career that is both active and passive income. You just need to be consistent in uploading videos and use relevant tags and titles to come up in the YouTube search. You need to reach out to your audience with quality content and once you have excelled in all these, you will be good to go forward.