Screen Recording App: Main Features You Need to Know About

During conferences and video meetings with your other workmates, ensure you look for suitable tools to help you do video calls without causing too many problems. You should know that one of the best programs to use is screen recorder apps, and you have to look for the perfect one if you want everyone within the company to benefit from it. 

Once you find a suitable screen recorder app for your workmates to use, you have to study and learn how the app works. There are different features that each type of app has, and you may get confused with the features because they are very much alike. You have to learn the several features of a screen recording app to ensure that you and your employees use it to conduct conferences and video meetings effectively. 

1. Write or draw on-screen whenever you want

When conducting online conferences and meetings, higher-ups may ask you to demonstrate information and data to everyone within the call. However, you might encounter one problem: the data keeps changing most of the time, and showing pictures of graphs one by one is a lengthy process. Instead of doing that, you have to utilize the screen recorder app’s on-screen drawing feature.

All screen recorder apps should have on-screen drawing features because it assists in meetings that require the speaker to create on-the-spot drawings. And once the meeting finishes, the app lets you erase all of the markings and drawings you made on-screen and proceed with the presentation without a problem. 

2. Share video messages without a problem

If one of your workmates has to send a co-worker or client a quick video message, you do not have to search for a computer frantically to get the job done. Fortunately, you have the choice to make video messages from anywhere because your screen recorder app can be installed on your tablets, computers, smartphones, or any other gadget that can support the app. Sending video messages is more effective than sending a text or email because they do not have to waste time understanding your message. 

3. Better team meeting collaborations

The incredible thing about most screen recording apps is the collaboration feature, which enables users within the call to cooperate well with each other without a problem. A good example is when the speaker presents data and information, and viewers have the opportunity to make comments on them without talking over the speaker. 

It will not matter what you share in the meeting because everyone within the call will always have the chance to share their thoughts and work together effectively. The better team collaboration, the less time it takes to conduct the meeting, and you can get back to working on your tasks.

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4. Record your computer screen

Lastly, the screen recording app records anything displayed on your laptop or computer. You can bid farewell to the days when you needed to send multiple screenshots to everyone in the meeting because it was always time-consuming. If you do not want to waste your time and effort sending pictures, you must use the screen recorder’s screen capture feature. 

No matter what screen recording app there is, you should always learn everything about it. There may be other features that some apps do not have, so you may have to learn them on your own. However, the features mentioned above will always be on most standard screen recording apps.