Polished Concrete: How Your Glossy Floor Objects Are Made and What You Should Know Before Using Them

Whether you want to include saw cuts or embedded aggregates on your floor, you can achieve anything by polishing your concrete. From providing you with a shining surface to ease of maintenance, these flooring materials can smoothly enhance your house’s appearance.

Now there’s a very straightforward process for polished concrete. Read to know more about how your floor surface gets a perfectly glossy look!

What Does the Concrete Polishing Process Look Like?

Concrete polishing is quite like wood sanding.

So, the polishing machines hone the surface with the smoothness level in mind. The higher the glossiness required, the longer the grinding down process will be. However, usually, the entire process takes only three to four steps.

Essentially, the entire mechanism includes:

Step 1

Before beginning the polishing process, any coatings that may exist on your floor surface are removed.

The professionals use an abrasive or high-efficiency tool to remove the layers. If a grinding pad is used, they begin with the coarsest level to get rid of the existing finishes.

Step 2

Now that the floor is wiped clean of any layering, it’s time to look for cracks.

Essentially, epoxy or a gap filler is used to fix any holes or other damage to your floor. However, this step is skipped if the surface is free of fractures.

Note: The professionals check the floor before polishing as a must-do step. It will prevent wasting time and effort.

Step 3

After filling the gaps, the following step is to polish the area.

Before the process starts, it is essential to ensure that the coarse grinding tool is at a finer level. Otherwise, it might end up merely brushing the surface without any significant impact.

Step 4

The next step is the continuation with finer grits as needed to get the desired level of smoothness. Once the concrete has achieved the gloss, a sealer or a protective layer to the surface is added.

Some Points to Consider When Hiring Professionals

So, you have decided to give a modern look to your interiors by taking concrete polishing in your hands?

Here are the sneaky tips to provide efficiency and flair in your polishing spree! You can always look out for these tips to get the best services from your professionals.

  • Since floor polishing requires multiple passes, ensure that your hired professional is equipped with a variety of grinding discs.
  • Check out if a densifier or hardener is spread between the grinding sessions.
  • It is essential to swap the grinding discs with burnishing pads by the end of the process. It will give your surface a gleaming effect without waxy buildup.
  • The Honed Concrete professional usually carries a grinding device that contains either a skirt or a vacuum. It helps in the collection of dust while smoothening the surface.
  • To avoid damaging the walls while polishing concrete, an edging tool must be used instead of standard grinding equipment.

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In a Nutshell

Polished concrete is not only the choice of the commercial builders but also of the regular households. These surfaces provide a sleek and elegant look to any structure they’re a part of.

On top of this, modern surfaces require minimal maintenance and are cost-effective. It is recommended to take the help of a professional to get rid of the minute details that you might not know. You can be sure that these additions will be taken care of with them.

So, it’s time you put your best polishing foot forward and enhance the appearance of your space!