How Do You Choose the Best Sunglasses for Men Based on Facial Shape?

With the Australian sunglasses industry worth AUD 50.09 million currently, a wide variety of options are present in the current market. But how can it be to choose a pair of sunglasses? Choosing men’s sunglasses can be a task if you don’t know where to look.

So how to choose the right sunglasses for your facial shape? Well, read on to find out!

But before proceeding with the article, there is one thing you should know. Your facial shape doesn’t need to fall under one of the categories mentioned below. This article takes a different approach by mentioning hybrids between common facial types. So, read on!

Facial Shape and the Perfect Sunglasses

Not all facial shapes are the same, so here is a compilation of the most common facial shapes and the men’s sunglasses that go with them:

1. Oblong

If you have an oblong face and are a sunglasses aficionado, you should know you are lucky. People with oblong faces usually never have trouble finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Meanwhile, a pair of rectangular sunglasses would do perfectly on your face.

But there are some areas that you should stray away from. For instance, since you have an oblong face, it is already long, so it would be best if you made it a point to stay away from sunglasses that are going to make your face look even longer (e.g., tear-drop sunglasses)

2. Triangle

If you have a triangle face, then your face nearly boils down to straight lines. Your face is actually an inverted triangle, and the straight geometry of your face needs to be complemented by something round. Hence, a double-bridged, wide frame round sunglasses would do perfectly. And if you want a throwback vibe, then a tortoiseshell frame might look really good.

3. Diamond

Another facial type with sharp angles, you again might need a hint of round to bring out the perfect look. And since your cheekbones are more accentuated and your jaw is more pronounced, considerably larger shades might do the trick.

The best thing about a diamond shape is that round as well as rectangular sunglasses go well At CoolFrames, you’ll find a diverse range of sunglasses that complement diamond-shaped faces, including both round and rectangular frames. But just make sure that the rectangular frames you choose aren’t too squared off.

4. Square

If you have a square face, consider yourself unique again. The length and breadth of your face nearly match, and to top that off, you have a sharp jaw.

Again, remember to avoid edges because they will accentuate the sharp cuts on your face too much. Hence, opt for roundmen’s sunglasses or rectangular shades with rounded-off edges.

5. Round

If you have a round face, it goes without saying that you need to add some edges to your overall facial appearance. So go ahead and get rectangular shades to pull off a great look. Moreover, if you manage to find a pair of aviators that are square-shaped but have rounded off edges, then you will end up with the best possible combo.

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Finding the perfect sunglasses for your facial types can be challenging at times. But with Aussies having so much variety in their genetics, many facial types are found on this continent. As such, make sure you go through the above pointers properly to choose the perfect pair of sunglassesfor your face.