All About Construction Tickets and Licenses

Whether you want to construct your skyscraper or become a part of the industry, licenses and tickets are non-negotiable requirements.

From engaging in high-risk building projects to complying with legal provisions, construction tickets in Sydney inform you about everything. But, you might get confused about which license you absolutely need while planning your employment or construction.

There is no need to hop anymore from one page to another to collect information about construction tickets.

Here’s all you need!

Why Do You Require a Construction License?

In Sydney, construction licenses and tickets are the hallmarks of proper compliance with health and safety standards for building projects.

Having a ticket implies that:

  • You hold the required eligibility to begin the construction job.
  • You know the safety and well-being-related legal provisions applicable to the construction industry.
  • You’re adequately trained to prevent and tackle on-site injuries and damages.

What are the Different Types of Tickets and Licenses You Need?

Typically, you will need a White Card or General Induction to start your work in the construction industry. But, there are other licenses and tickets that you must have if you want to increase your chances of employment in building projects:

Elevated Working Platform Ticket

If a project requires the use of a Scissor for the Boom lift, the workers need to have the EWP ticket in Sydney. Essentially, this ticket is a mandatory requirement if the construction demands work under 11 meters in height or over 11 meters in height.

Confined Space Ticket

Does the construction job require work in a closed space?

The building regions where no person can enter at any time, such as sewer, tunnel etc., require a ticket.

Asbestos Removal Ticket

Asbestos is a carcinogen. This is why its extraction or removal must be done very carefully.

Whether it’s the old building restoration or asbestos-based structuring, a worker must have a license to be eligible for employment for these tasks.

High-Risk Work Licence

If your job demands task completion having high risks such as pressure equipment handling, crane operation etc., you must have an HRW licence.

This licensing is for general labourers who deal with all kinds of construction activities, including scaffolding.

Working at Height Tickets

These tickets will help you grab the opportunities which require working at heights in Sydney. Basically, if you want to get employment in projects which demand the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges etc., the certification will make you eligible.

Other Tickets and Licenses

Various other tickets like Rail Industry Safety Induction, Traffic Control Cards etc., make your profile more employable.

The traffic control cards allow you to control the vehicular flow. Besides, you can also be a part of planning the structure to regulate the congestion.

Even though these tickets are not strictly limited to the construction industry, you can always leverage them for better work opportunities.

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In a Nutshell

The licensing requirement in Sydney ensures that the workers are well-versed with the job requirement. Moreover, getting construction tickets in Sydney for more than one kind of work makes you eligible for a variety of employment opportunities.

Besides, these licenses demonstrate your awareness of safety and proper practice in the construction industry. So, all you need to do to increase your chances of employment is to enrol for these tickets and licenses.