Little addition to making your living room look stunning

It’s the summer holidays!!! Kids are at home. This is the time where we can neither plan a vacation nor go anywhere. What do we do? Most of the time kids spend time playing with phones or watching television. They can’t even go out to play.

As a family you are can plan to spend some quality time with your kids. May play fun games together as a family, watch educational movies together etc. We all spend time watching movies, sports, news on the television. Most of the time we focus on improving the appearance of our living room by focusing on the sofa set, the fabrics in the living room and the wall paint. However, we forget about decorating the area where there is a television. 

If you are wanting your family entertainment time to be interesting, then you can add Tv unit furniture to add to your interior home décor.  Along with increasing the décor of the living room, you can store décor things in the cabinet and display your showpiece and grab everyone’s attention. Check on the various designs available in the Urban Ladder, which will fit in your living room and save a lot of space in the tour room. Some of them are-

Modern TV units-These are contemporary designs that look simply elegant with functional storage. These are available in different colours, size and shape.

Wooden TV design – If you are a person who is in love with nature, these units are for you. These are durable and will add a classic look to your living room.

Apart from the decors, you can store set-up box, remote, DVD player, speakers, stereos etc. in the cabinet. TV cabinets designs are of three types-

  • Closed cabinets-These are closed cabinets where you can keep your decorative pieces securely. These cabinets also have drawers where you can store some documents. It is very helpful as the wire and cables are not visible outside and prevent the room from looking messy.
  • Open cabinets- These are the set up that provides an open visual element. It also provides a mounting bracket for the TV. These are the popular designs with a less obtrusive setup.
  • Wall-mounted TV unit- This wall-mounted unit is designed to add to the aesthetic value of the living room and offers convenient space to store your décor collection, books etc. These are some designs of wall mount which you can consider-
  • Snapple wall mount TV unit design- It gives a modern appearance. In this, the shelves and drawers are arranged alternatively.
  • Krackel wall mount TV unit design- It adds a stunning look to the living room and the storage is in the form of two cabinets and two shelves.
  • Cubis wall mount TV unit designs- These are designed for areas with small space and has simple designs. It also provides enough storage.

Install anyone as per your choice and enjoy your entertainment time with family.