First Time At A BBQ Joint? You Have To Try These Favorites

You’re missing out on great food if you have never gone to a barbecue place. Known for ages as a great source of comfort food, you have a wide variety of options to look into. If you plan on hosting a significant event, this is a great way to ensure everyone gets to try something new and experience different choices. When utilizing barbecue catering, you’ll find that you get the best options in regard to the food, but if you’re not sure what to try, check out our list below.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Ribs 

No barbecue catering is complete without ribs. Dry ribs rubbed and slowly smoked, along with being lightly glazed, are amazingly flavorful. The meat will come apart quickly and easily, and you get an original sauce that keeps customers returning for more. For catering an event, you should never leave out the ribs as they are a staple of barbecue culture.

Jerk Salmon Is A Popular Favorite

Another favorite that people love is salmon. In a barbecue set, you’ll find it marinated and glazed to have a bold flavor. The spicy cucumber salad, chives, and sesame seeds that make up the glaze give it a nice kick that has made the dish have lasting staying power.

Barbecue Chicken Wings 

Barbecue chicken wings are incredibly delicious, and the sauce and spices are the best blends to bring out the flavor of the wing. You’ll have a choice between milder sauces like honey barbecue, but you’ll also have hotter choices, including these options.

  • Jerk glaze
  • Wango habanero
  • Chipotle
  • Garlic
  • Korean

As everyone has different levels they can handle, trying each sauce can be a wonderful experience to see what flavors you like.

Barbecue Sliders Are Always A Great Choice

When looking into barbecue catering in Brooklyn, you’ll always need sliders. The best option that you can have are the dino sliders. Like regular sliders, they’re full of meat, but dino sliders differ because you can choose three kinds. You can select a cheeseburger option, barbecue pork or pork belly, or prime sliced brisket. The last option is the most popular as it comes with a unique flavor combination, and the meat melts on your tongue.

Korean Barbecue Is Always Delicious 

If you like Korean barbecue, you should try the barbecue Banh mi. That is a sandwich that gives you Korean barbecue meat with a sweet and sour mix of cucumber, carrots, and cabbage. You also have zip sauce and cilantro before it’s pressed into a roll. The flavor combination here is powerful and will make you savor every bite.

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A Great Option

Barbecues are popular, and people love visiting the restaurants because of the authentic setting and the fantastic food. Because of this, you’ll have plenty of options when considering barbecue catering. Make your event a fantastic one by checking out the best BBQ joint in town and trying their delicious dishes. Trust me, you can’t go wrong.