List of Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory! Read to Find Out!

Travel insurance is a must, and a lot of people fail to realize the importance of a travel insurance plan. Moreover, since the onset of COVID-19, the rules of travel have also changed. More countries have now made travel insurance mandatory. Before you plan out your trip or book your tickets, do your research to find out which countries need travel insurance and how much coverage. The terms and conditions of every country are different when it comes to travel insurance. You need to be sure of the terms and conditions of your destination, or you might find it difficult to get a visa. 

Below we have compiled a list of some countries that require travel insurance for visa approval. 

  1.  Argentina: This South American country demands that all foreign visitors must possess travel insurance. Foreign visitors must provide evidence of insurance that covers hospitalisation, transportation coverage for COVID-19, and quarantine. 
  2. Belize: Belize has made it mandatory for all foreign visitors to buy a specialised Belize travel insurance plan. The condition applies even if you already possess a travel insurance plan. The 21-day Belize travel insurance plan covers medical emergencies up to $50,000, and emergency air evacuation of up to $20,000. It also includes quarantine charges that come up to ₹2,000 along with some other expenses.
  3. Aruba: Like Belize, Aruba also has its own specialised Aruba Visitors Insurance. All foreign visitors must purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance, even if they already have an existing travel insurance plan. The Aruba Travel insurance plan covers certain costs if you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay. This includes costs of medical treatment, transportation, quarantine accommodation and testing. You can only purchase this travel insurance within 72 hours before your departure via the ED-Card form. Children up to the age of 14 are not charged while adults have to pay $15.
  1. Schengen Countries: The Schengen countries are a group of 26 nations. The Schengen travel medical insurance is valid for all 26 countries. All foreign visitors must provide evidence of the purchase of Schengen travel medical insurance. The insurance should be a minimum of £30,000.
  1. Cuba: The tropical climate of Cuba makes it a very popular tourist destination. Although before you plan your Cuban trip, you need to have adequate travel medical insurance. One that covers incidents, repatriation and sudden illness. If you do not possess travel insurance on arrival, you will be forced to buy one at a high-cost premium. 
  1. USA: The United States of America might just be one of the most popular tourist destinations among Indians. Whether you are a student, a tourist or visiting the country for medical reasons, you must possess valid travel insurance to get your Visa. 
  1. UAE: The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 emirates with Abu Dhabi as the capital. To visit this beautiful land of Desert Safaris, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek and Ferrari Wild, you will need to buy UAE travel insurance along with health insurance. 
  1. Singapore: Due to its proximity to India, Singapore is also one of the many popular tourist destinations among Indians. Singapore has made it mandatory for every foreign visitor to possess travel medical insurance. This travel medical insurance should cover COVID-19-related medical care and hospitalisation. The minimum amount of coverage for Singapore is $30,000. Before you enter the entry, you must provide evidence of your travel medical insurance. 
  1. Nepal: Although Indian citizens are not required to have a visa to enter Nepal, travel insurance has been made mandatory. The government of Nepal has made it mandatory for every foreign visitor to possess travel insurance that covers COVID-19 medical repatriation and emergency assistance. 
  1. Thailand: Thanks to the rich culture and numerous travel attractions, Thailand is one of the most visited countries. Although Thailand is not strict about visas. The Government of Thailand is considering making travel insurance mandatory for all foreign visitors. This is due to the enormous number of unpaid hospital expenses left by foreign tourists. When applying for a visa, you will be asked for travel insurance. 
  1. Turkey: Turkey has also made its travel policy strict. Turkey has made it mandatory for foreign visitors to possess travel insurance to set foot in the country. Visitors below 65 years will only get a visa if they have a minimum travel insurance coverage of $30,000. Foreign nationals seeking a Turkish residency visa must also possess health insurance except for people who are over 65 and retired. 
  1. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for tourists over the age of 18 to show evidence of medical insurance coverage. This coverage is mandatory to enter government and private establishments, public aircraft and public transportation. Tourists are also asked to download and register their medical insurance on the Tawakkalna app. This is for officials to check whenever you enter a public space. 
  1. Morocco: Morocco is home to some of the most stunning mosques in the world, along with Casablanca, Marrakech Medina, and the Oudaias Kasbah neighbourhood. Any foreign visitor applying for a visa must have travel insurance. Although not all Moroccan representative offices will ask you to provide proof of travel health insurance, it is suggested that you purchase one for precautionary measures. 
  1. Ecuador: Ecuador may refuse entry to any foreign visitor if they don’t have travel medical insurance. If you are looking to visit Ecuador, you should purchase private or public health insurance that provides coverage for the duration of your stay. This condition applies to both tourist and permanent or temporary resident visas. 

The bottom line is most countries are now making it mandatory for foreign visitors to purchase travel insurance. Purchasing travel insurance will make your travel stress-free and you will not have to worry about any surprise expenses. Check and compare the coverage of travel insurance plans. Make sure that the coverage includes medical coverage, assistance during passport loss, and protection against trip cancellation.