Family-Friendly Living Room Sets For Every Budget

Your kids put your furniture through the wringer every day, which makes it all the more important to find a durable and budget-friendly set for the room where they spend the most time: your living room. Odds are good that you have already considered the wear and tear on your carpet or rugs, but upholstered surfaces require just as much consideration, if not more since they can be tricky to thoroughly clean.

With durability in mind, look for materials that will hold up to extensive wear, like leather, thick microfiber, and tight-weave cotton and linen. Though the fabric is a commonly addressed issue when it comes to durability, the padding, frame, and seams on your living room furniture are equally important if the pieces are going to last. After all, no matter how well-intentioned, your kids are not going to treat your sofa with kid gloves. Double-stitched seams, sturdy foam padding, and a solid wooden frame will help your furniture maintain its structure through innumerable games of The Floor Is Lava. Check the reviews! Other parents will know exactly how much damage each piece can take and are often happy to share this information.

Parents often think that the only way to avoid showing stains is to limit their choices to an unfortunate mauve or brown. This is not the case! You want your family to enjoy your home, but you do not have to sacrifice style to find durable furniture. Leather is a fantastic defense against tears and stains, from kids and their pets. Any deep, rich color will also hold up better than lighter tones.

Account for the type of use you will put your furniture through, as well. If your teenagers like to have friends over to lounge on movie night, a reclining sectional set might be a great way to provide comfort and minimize unnecessary wear on sofa-backs and armrests. If your toddler is still spitting up occasionally or crawling under every available surface with a marker in hand, a short-legged set of leather loveseats might be the best bet.

Most importantly, if you are planning for a new addition to the family, you should be able to maximize your comfort during those short times when you can put up your feet. Read those reviews! While shopping for furniture online comes with some serious benefits, it also limits your ability to sit before you buy.

As far as cost, you want to get the most for your money. Though the price point of sets is generally higher than individual pieces, sets can actually be a great deal, especially when you can find an online retailer that offers full living room sets at an affordable price. Apart from the more obvious sales and discounts, sets actually minimize the number of purchases you have to make to complete a room. They are an easy way to hold the room together without cost or time spent on other accessories or intensive interior design work that even super-parents rarely have time for.

Now, with these guidelines in mind, finding the perfect living room set should feel less intimidating. We wish you luck!