Dog Training 101: How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing on the Furniture

Dogs have their reasons for chewing. Sometimes it’s boredom, anxiety, or simply because it’s fun. However, some ways to help stop your dog from chewing on the furniture without resorting to punishments or deterrents that can make your dog anxious. 

It would be best if you remembered that dogs do not know what’s not theirs and are not consciously trying to destroy things. It is important to train them so they will know what they are allowed to chew on and what they shouldn’t be touching with their teeth. 

The following tips can help you teach your pup some good behavior while keeping them happy and healthy!


How to stop your dog from chewing on the furniture can be difficult. Still, it’s important to recognize that he is exhibiting this behavior because he needs something to occupy himself. How to stop your dog from chewing on the furniture is important to recognize that it is exhibiting this behavior because it needs something to occupy itself. 

Dogs get bored and frustrated when they are not mentally stimulated. Even if they get a lot of physical exercises, they need mental stimulation or will find things in your home to chew on, including your furniture. 

The key here is figuring out what he’s lacking. Maybe you don’t spend enough time with him each day, so he becomes bored, or maybe there are too many other animals in the house that he can’t resist playing with when you’re not around.


Another way to stop your dog from chewing on the furniture is to watch out for anxiety triggers within your home that could result in stress. If you have a very anxious dog, who’s constantly under pressure, you may want to take him or her on walks to burn off some of that energy and get their mind off of whatever is making them stressed. 

It is also recommended for dogs with separation anxiety problems to find a friend, such as another pet or a person, who can come over and spend time with them when they are left alone at home during the day or if they have any other issues, such as depression, boredom or aggression. 

These activities will help relieve their tension and make them less likely to chew on your furniture while you’re left alone at home while you’re away from it.


The good news is that with time and patience, training can serve as a solution to stop your dog from chewing on the furniture.

Below are two key training tips that might affect your dog; you will have your furniture intact in a week!

  • Please don’t give your dog access to any furniture when they are not supervised. Dogs have amazing memories, so don’t make it easy for them by providing them with an opportunity. That goes for the coffee table, too-it’s full of goodies like candles, plants, books…anything they might want to chew on is probably there. 
  • Make sure your pup has plenty of toys to keep their mouth busy during the day. If they start chewing on something inappropriate, use an interrupter such as Bitter Apple Spray or shake cans filled with pennies, which will usually be a deterrent. 


How to stop your dog from chewing on the furniture is a question many dog owners have. You can’t always stop them, but by socializing your pup early and often with other dogs and people, they’ll be less likely to take their frustrations out on your furniture. 

A happy, well-adjusted dog will chew less! 

Some behaviors indicate an underlying issue, such as separation anxiety or boredom, so it’s important to address these issues before letting your pup chew up the couch or rug. 

They might also be bored and want more mental stimulation, so adding puzzles like Kongs stuffed with peanut butter will keep their mind busy while providing some yummy treats simultaneously!

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Teaching your dog not to chew on the furniture is one of those things that can seem hard at first, but if you follow some basic tips and set some boundaries, you will find it easier than you think. 

Remembering these few simple steps when training your dog will make teaching them how to stop chewing on the furniture much simpler.