5 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Colorado

The laws in Colorado have evolved with the evolution of the world. The USA has progressed to such a point that now on almost every kind of personal injury attorneys case one can file a lawsuit. Let’s discuss over five most

Auto Accidents:

In a case where there is a collision between two vehicles and you find out that you were not at fault then you can surely file a claim against the driver of the other vehicle. There are three conditions.

  • The law of Colorado allows you to file a lawsuit three years after the accident in case you were injured.
  • If the collision caused a wrongful death then you can contact an attorney within two years after the accident.
  • During a collision, it is rare that both parties are at fault but it is interesting to know that whether you are partially at fault you have still the right to claim a lawsuit and prove your side.

Dog Bites

Colorado has strict laws against dog bites. In case of a dog bite, one can file a claim against the owner of the dog even if the dog doesn’t have any violent history.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents:

The accidents caused by vehicles like cars and pedestrians on the foot path can be severe. These accidents can cause great damage to pedestrians and they get to spend a lot of time in the hospital. One can file a claim on the car’s owner to get all the medical expenses from the insurance company of the car’s owner.

Medical Malpractice:

Fortunately, in Colorado, you can file a claim for medical malpractice. One can file a case against anyone like nurses, doctors, psychologists, or any health-related advisors. There can be the following conditions.

  • One can file a claim in case of negligence of doctors within two years of injury. You can also claim within two years in case you learn about the injury later.
  • You can even file a complaint after two years if you have witnessed any fraud.

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Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are most common in a city like Colorado. They are dangerous of them all because trucks are not only heavy but are heavily loaded with goods. One can file a claim if one sees the truck drivers at fault. 


  • Can you sue for pain and suffering in Colorado?

Colorado gives legal rights to every citizen to claim a lawsuit to get compensation for the financial damages that were caused due to pain and suffering.

  • How much can you sue for in Colorado?

In Colorado, a person who has suffered can sue up to 500,000. One can recover non-economic damages.

  • What is negligence law in Colorado?

If a person gets to suffer due to someone else’s negligence for example if someone gets hurt at work due to a slippery floor then the file against the person at fault will be held according to negligence law.

  • Is Colorado a comparative fault?

Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state. In Colorado, a difference of one percent can cause a huge difference in compensation. Let’s say if one party is at the fault of 50% and the other is at 40% then it impacts the results of the lawsuit on a high level


On the last note, anyone can meet an accident anytime one must know what to do after an accident and what is in their hands. Colorado provides legal rights to its citizens in case they have to meet some unfortunate accidents in their life.