What is it with Cats and Slumber? Do All Cats Sleep During the Daytime?

Kitties love sleeping, dreaming, eating and repeating. Just observe your fur baby’s schedule; most of their daytime is taken up for many brief naps. From their early years to their senior years, sleeping consumes a significant portion of their time. You may often wonder why they sleep so much and how much sleep would be enough for them. The answer lies encoded in their genetics. That is how they have been living so far.

Young kitties sleep for about 18 to 20 hours a day. Older kitties may, on average, doze off for 14 to 16 hours. Senior cats may nap for more extended hours because of their declining age. That’s why if your kitty appears restless, needy, and sleep-deprived, she may be suffering from a silent agony. For example, an older cat may experience sleep disturbances, poor memory, and a few other signs if she has dementia or some other chronic illness. Have cheap cat insurance from an early age to support your kitty’s health needs throughout their lifetime, with little burden on your wallet.

Cat insurance in NZ can be your financial saviour if your munchkin needs excellent regular and emergency health care. So, get a policy to keep your fur baby covered at all times and be sure to monitor your paw friend’s sleeping habits to ensure she is getting adequate sleep. In this article, we have answered a few common questions around feline sleep. Cat parents, read up to learn about some catnap facts.

Do all cats sleep this much? Or is it only my cat?

Cats are natural hunters, so they innately need significant rest during the daytime. Once these creatures wake up from their power nap, they will be on their toes to climb objects, pounce, and chase animals like small rodents on the block. It’s fascinating to observe their agility and instincts in action, especially when dealing with potential challenges such as seed ticks on cats.

Are domestic cats nocturnal creatures?

It is a common misconception that cats are only nocturnal animals. Your fur baby may be on high alert at dawn or dusk and even through the day because she has important matters to attend to. That is when your tiny predator may get her paws on petty mice or bugs. Unfortunately, many cats follow their instincts and creep into the night to satisfy their thirst for hunting. Best to keep kitty inside at night.

How to know how sleepy my cat is?

If your cat is lightly dozing, she may be aware of what is happening in her surroundings. Erect ears, swishing tail and eyes half-open are some signs that show she is just resting and not entirely asleep. In contrast, if she is in a deep sleep, you may observe paw twitching, eyes closed, even a slight snore… and it may be harder for you to wake her up.

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Although sometimes you may catch your cat curled up in a corner seeming to be asleep, she may be just unwinding. When your kitty sleeps a lot throughout the day and night, she is exhibiting normal behaviour. If you notice an abrupt change in sleeping patterns like more/less than usual and strange behaviour regarding her sleeping spots, maybe you need to make a vet visit. With cheap cat insurance, much of your fur baby’s vet bills and medicinal costs are covered. Cat insurance NZ will allow you to give your pet kitty top-quality medical support in distressing health conditions and emergencies.