Companion Bike – Freedom for all riders

Cycling is fantastic, but it’s even more fun with a tricycle style bicycle. A three-wheeled bike is an excellent alternative to the conventional two-wheeled bike for many reasons. A tricycle style bicycle is more stable and safe, and this way, riders can travel miles without the risk of falling. Besides, a tricycle brings freedom to all kinds of riders, including children, seniors, mobility-challenged riders, and anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in a hassle-free manner. So regardless of whether you’re having mobility challenges or you want to try something new and fun, you’re bound to love the companion bike. 

The companion bike is an innovative tricycle style bicycle designed with many incredible features to bring freedom to all kinds of riders. This bike features a removable front seat, footrests, and a foldable carbon fiber frame. The companion bike is great for persons with a disability, mobility-challenged riders, the elderly, and parents that need help transporting kids or items. This bike brings freedom to just about anyone who cannot pedal on their own and riders who want to enjoy the great outdoors without the limitations typical of conventional bicycles. 

One of the selling points of the companion bike is the removable front seat, which is designed to assemble and disassemble in seconds. This feature makes the bike a convenient option for persons who cannot peddle on their own. All the work is done by the one peddling, while the other person on the front seat enjoys the ride. Parents with young children who cannot peddle on their own will find this handy. The bike is also equipped with footrests for enhanced comfort and safety.

Unlike average tricycles, the companion bike is designed with a carbon fiber frame that folds seamlessly for easy storage and transportation. It’s equipped with two pull latches in the back that secure the seat and a top roller latch that moves up with the seat and locks the frame into place. The companion bike frame is made out of state-of-the-art carbon fiber to guarantee the utmost strength and durability. This bike will serve you well and keep you riding for many years to come.

The companion bike also features an adjustable seat to suit everyone who wants to ride it regardless of their height. This bike can be used by people in the height ranges of 5’4’’ to 6’2’’. This means you don’t have to change its frame size to pedal the bike.

Advantages of the companion bike:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble- You simply open the frame and attach the seat.
  • It’s highly durable as it is made from premium quality carbon fiber.
  • It provides more stability; hence it eliminates the risk of falling.
  • It’s easier to ride as compared to a standard two-wheeled bike.
  • Unlike a two-wheeled bike, the companion bike allows one person to ride on the front seat while the other person pedals in the back.

The companion bike is an excellent tricycle for persons looking for a convenient alternative to the standard two-wheeled bike. Considering its incredible features, comfort, and functionality, the companion bike is a worthwhile investment.