Carelogic EHR and Charm EMR: The future of healthcare

CareLogic EHR

Carelogic is software by qualifies. So, let us face the bigger question here, what is carelogic anyways? Carelogic is an ONC-certified electronic health record system designed for behavioral health and human services organizations. It has configurable software that helps empower providers with robust capabilities such as scheduling, intake, treatment and planning, e-prescription, consumer engagement, reporting, and billing. Moreover, it is pertinent to note that Carelogic enterprises are the software that has flourished the quality of the healthcare department with its untiring effort.

Carelogic Features

Amazingly, carelogic qualifies have many features that have changed the course of healthcare altogether with their extraordinary efficiency. These features have brought an efficient change in the healthcare department, so everyone recommends careLogic for medical purposes.

Let us look at them before we go for the carelogic reviews.

• Scheduling

• Billing system

• Analytics and reporting

• Treatment plan

• Building tools (custom)

• E-prescription

Carelogic Reviews

Carelogic EMR  has received many valuable reviews, and we will help you read them in this capacity so that readers and interested buyers have an idea of the full software.

 For the convenience of our readers, we have separated the reviews into pros and cons.


• Some of the users had a great experience, and they said that the best part about carelogic emr is that it has very well-organized functions. They did not have to click around aimlessly because they could find everything quickly.

• One of the other reviews revolved around the safety of the information stored in the software. Many users wrote that they could store sensitive information from notes to basic demographics of the data.

• The other reviews were about the software’s features and functionality. Many users noted that the EHR streamline is commendable, and the easiness of the software made everything less time-consuming.

• Some users said that the software’s interface is easy, and anyone can have a good grip on the functions of carelogic qualifies.


• However, some people did not seem happy with the software’s working. Some of them noted some bugs in the software. Bugs have made their work longer than before, and disturbance is created.

• Some other users wrote that they did not appreciate that they could not save the case notes and that it required them to sign them first.

• There were reviews about the unique tool of the treatment plan, but some of them wrote that using the tool was a bit tedious for them; it required many clicks and wasted much time.

Charm EMR

Charm EMR software is a unique software that is a cloud-based electronic health record system. It is designed to uplift the system. The software has almost zero upfront costs, making it the most suitable software for all kinds of work related to the health system. charm health also offers training that comes with additional charges. It is the best software when it comes to practice management. They also can transfer data from one place to another, and the cost varies according to the type of data being transmitted. Charmhealth EHR is a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution for hospitals and practices. It is interesting to have an in-house data migration team that helps users move the data to charm. Let us have a detailed look at the features and reviews of charm health to know more about the software.

Charm EMR Features

E-prescription: one of its best features is e-prescription. With the feature of e-prescription, the patients can have the prescription online while sitting at home. The days are gone when the patients had to be physically present in the hospital to get the prescription of charmHealth; patients do not have to worry about this problem. It saves the time of the patients and benefits the doctors as well.

Patient portal: Another striking feature of charm health is the patient portal. The patient portal has the complete details of the patient’s record. Now you should not be worried about losing any piece of information because charm health helps you store all the essential information in its patients’ portal. Now, you can track data, edit data, and create templates to organize your file.

Voice recognition: The latest feature introduced to the software world is voice recognition, and charm health has the option for this feature. Voice recognition lets you. have the opportunity to record your voice message, and the letters are then translated into the notes. The notes are the key factor in giving the doctor the correct information about your concerned problem. The feature will save your time, and within that, it will remove the possibility of human error.

Charm EMR Reviews


• Users had many positive things to say about the software. One of the reviews revolved around the easy management of the software. They said it was straightforward to manage the option, and the system was efficient, making the work easy for users.

• One of the users wrote that the best part of the software is that it allows the patients to edit their information. They said that editing is a critical task for managing your patient portal.

• Another review on charm health EHR talked about charm health EHR’s customer support. They praised the efficiency of the support and said that they had a great experience because of the customer support. Moreover, they noted that they heard them whenever they suggested something to the customer support and worked on it.


• However, some people had reservations about the software; they said there were some glitches in the software’s working. Those glitches made their work slow, which was not a good experience.

• Another user had some reviews about the software’s billing system. They said that they did not find the billing system efficient enough. Their efficiency in terms of billing management is to be improved.

Charm EMR pricing

Charm EMR pricing starts with a free trial. The best thing about the software is its free start and a free trial, which has benefited the users. Similarly, the charm EHR demo is available for free to watch.

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Our Thoughts

Charm EMR and carelogic are the two most celebrated software because of their hard work in the healthcare department. Users and physicians have recommended both the software for a better experience in the medical journey. So, trust our vision and get yourself the best software.