5 Acne Errors to Avoid & How 10 Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Helps

When you’re battling ongoing acne, you need to make the most of every bit of help you can get and 10 benzoyl peroxide wash is certainly an effective weapon to have in your arsenal. Able to aid in the cleansing of the skin, and elimination of bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells, it’s a product that gives people get a balanced complexion. 

However, there are some major mistakes that people make when trying to overcome the issue. Here we focus on some of them so that you don’t fall foul of them like so many have before. 

Error #1 – Not Using 10 Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Regularly 

One of the most common errors people make when fighting acne is that they only start using it when they have a breakout. What you should be doing is using it every day as part of your usual routine, as it helps to maintain balance and actively prevents the conditions that acne loves.

Using it once in a blue moon means that you’re basically allowing pro-acne skin conditions to develop. This is a one-way street back to zits!

Error #2 – Overusing Your Spot Treatment

When a spot starts to develop, it’s easy to reach out and grab the treatment, however, knowing which is a pimple and which is just a natural bump in your skin can be tricky. The truth is that there are literally tens of thousands of pores on the skin’s surface, so what you’re treating might not even be a zit. 

Error #3 – Using Abrasion to Eliminate Breakouts

The reason why 10 benzoyl peroxide wash is so effective is that it’s gentle to the skin and stops the spread of acne-causing bacteria. Rubbing away zits can be more than a little satisfying, but doing so is simply making a rod for your own back. That’s because it’s probably the best way possible to spread bacteria around your face.

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Error #4 – Using a Product That’s Too Strong 

Benzoyl products typically come in different strengths, ranging from 2%, through 5% to 10%. Finding the right one for you will depend on your skin type and how it reacts to the product itself. It would be very true to say that someone having irritation and dryness problems with a 10% strength might very well have more luck with a lower-strength product.

So, even if you feel that your breakouts are severe, don’t assume that you need the highest strength, as that might not be the case.

Error #5 – Picking at Those Spots

We’ll leave you with perhaps the most important of all anti-acne tips. As much as you may want to, you should never pick them. No matter how careful you are, doing so risks scarring and bacterial infection, as you can help but touch the area and spread it around. 

This is by far the most common reason for acne that just won’t go. All that good work from your skincare routine can immediately be undone with a single picked spot. 

Treat Your Skin Like Your Most Valuable Possession

The skin is the body’s largest organ and as such, it should be treated with care and attention. If you do your best to avoid the mistakes that we’ve highlighted here and combine it with regular use of 10 benzoyl peroxide wash (or the most appropriate strength for your needs), that acne won’t stand a chance!