Best Locations for Luxury Villa Holidays

As parts of the world begin recovering from the pandemic, more tourist locations open up. This speedy recovery means that luxury villa holidays in exotic destinations will be back sooner than expected. Popular tourist locations are getting back on their feet, and there’s no better way to spend a post-COVID vacation than in a luxury villa.

Everyone has one question now- which exotic locations are safe and perfect for tourists? This guide can help guide one through the process of choosing and planning their next vacation.


Cambodia’s balmy summers make it the perfect tourist spot for adventurous Australians. The culture is closely connected to wildlife and water, making it the most adventurous vacation one has.

Villas in Cambodia offer a range of cultural explorations ranging from spa treatments to traditional dance and music.


The tourist spots in Bali are planning to reopen soon in early September, and with their excellent recovery rate, it will be one of the safest tropical destinations. A villa getaway in Bali is perfect because of the beautiful natural sceneries. Ultimately, Bali villas provide a peaceful and relaxing environment, making for the best villa getaway.


This small inconspicuous island is the perfect location for an exotic marine getaway. Coral reefs and beaches make up most of Seychelles, and with a cosy beach villa, one’s luxury getaway is complete. Australian tourists love beachy tourist destinations and this small island in East Africa with vast wildlife reserves to explore is the perfect exotic destination.


If a small quiet island paradise sounds like the perfect getaway, Grenada is the best. This island is tucked away in the Caribbeans and is also known as the spice island. Tourists love the white beaches and awe-inspiring waterfalls. A villa that captures its lush green landscapes can provide one with one of the most rejuvenating villa holidays.

The Islands of Greece

Greek culture embraces and loves nature, especially its fruits. With almost every corner facing the vast blue ocean, villa getaways on the island are serene. There are over ten islands to choose from, and each feels more different than the other. For tourists who love the oceans and nature’s fruits, Greece is paradise on Earth.


Apart from being one of the first tourist spots to open after the pandemic, Albania is stunning. Its gorgeous island-studded Adriatic coast view is both awe-inspiring and safe, making it the perfect place for a getaway.

Albania’s long winding roads with lush green sceneries make for a serene paradise. Moreover, a villa holiday to this location is tucked away in all its greenery, giving everyone peace from the hustle and bustle of life.

Choosing the Right Luxury Getaway Villa


Villas are either located in the centre of the tourist activity or away from the bustle of life. Deciding whether the getaway is relaxing or adventurous is crucial. Villas facing the vast oceans are perfect for quiet vacations, while one in the heart of the city help you get the most adventure.


Whether the 21st-century modern design suits one better or an old Victorian-style villa seems perfect, a villa’s design can make or break the vacation. Luxurious villas make for the best getaway, and the villa design can influence that.


Many holiday villas offer exclusive services like spa treatments and gourmet meals. These services add to the bill but are worth it. Ultimately, one should remember to stay safe throughout their vacation!