5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Small Amazon Businesses

What is your unique selling proposition? Explore 5 Guerrilla marketing tactics for small Amazon businesses to attract customer’s interest and boost your sales.

Do you have products listed on Amazon with little or no sales?

Marketing and finding customers for your business is always tricky. There are thousands of marketing strategies, but each seems to have its own set of obstacles, such as high costs or only reaching a small audience, so it’s not equally effective.

Guerrilla marketing is cost-effective for small businesses selling on Amazon, especially if you’re trying to create an initial viral marketing phenomenon to push your sales without spending too much on advertising.

Keep reading to find out the concept of Guerrilla marketing and 5 simple yet effective guerrilla marketing tactics for your small Amazon business.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing practice in which a brand uses unique and unexpected interactions to capture the interest of an audience, thereby promoting their products and services and driving sales.

Unlike traditional marketing, guerrilla marketing has the following characteristics:

  • Rely on personal interactions or viral social media messages
  • Require a small budget
  • Not apply for all types of goods and services but edgy and unique products
  • Target young consumers who generally have more positive feedback
  • Take place in a specific location rather than through mass media campaigns

With the rise of networking and mobile technology to amplify messages, this marketing method is increasingly popular to influence a small target customer group.

Critical Elements Of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Viral or word-of-mouth marketing: Reach a wider audience for free. For example, offering promotions directly induce consumers to buy products and services or talk about them with potential buyers.
  • Connect with human emotions: This is the key to guerrilla marketing. Experiential guerrilla marketing aims to get the public to interact with the brand and make people remember your product differently than they are used to.
  • Take place in public: Aim to get the largest audience possible and avoid potential legal problems. Suitable places are usually shopping malls, beaches, festivals, sporting events, parks, concerts, or right on the street.

5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics For Small Amazon Businesses

Amazon businesses have used guerrilla marketing methods such as leaflets, radios, newspapers, and radios for a long time and achieved unquestionable successes. However, today’s marketers and business owners need to find new strategies to get their marketing messages to customers in this modern digital world.

Here are 5 simple and effective guerrilla marketing tactics that any Amazon store owner can implement. Otherwise, you can get professional advice from a trustworthy Amazon marketing agency and let them do the job to save more time and effort.

1. Social media network

Most of your potential customers are spending their leisure time on some social network. So, as a store owner, you can start building a social media page or account on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and leverage it to:

  • Contact and interact with thousands of customers exchanging opinions and views
  • Raise product awareness
  • Market your products and services worldwide

However, the process is not like walking in the park. You will need to invest and have an effective plan to notify your social media presence and keep it hot for a long time.

2. Viral Giveaway

Everyone loves gifts. A survey found that giving away products for free can increase your online sales by up to 30%. Therefore, organizing viral giveaways can increase awareness of your product and brand.

Here are some ideas you can apply:

  • Hold a contest in which a random winner gets some prizes.
  • Require participants to use a unique hashtag. In addition to keeping track of new entries for giveaways, it gets people talking more about your products on social media.
  • Use the concept of “tell a friend to tell a friend” by encouraging player players to share the post with 3 of their friends. One share can create a viral effect with many new followers.
  • Calculate points by interaction; for example, react and comment with 1 point, share equals 3 points.
  • Announce the award results to all the fans who follow your page.

3. Refer A Friend

If you find it complicated to find new and valuable customers, then a referral program will work. For example, 77% of customers say they would buy a newer product if recommended by friends or family.

A referral program is a marketing method that existing customers recommend your products and brand to their colleagues, friends, and family. The success of referral programs comes from the trust with family, friends, and colleagues and friends.

Letting a customer’s friends and family talk about a product is always more believable than an advertisement from a stranger. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when doing so:

  • Ask customers to tell their friends and family about your product at the right time, usually after the customer is delighted and has an authentic experience of using it.
  • Provide the discounts to reduce reluctance to buy products
  • Make it easy for customers to join referral programs, but don’t let everyone know about it. You can place a small button or a tab on your Amazon store home page where it is easy for customers to see and access. Then, communicate with the customer via email.

4. Raise Funds

One of the best Guerrilla marketing practices is to support a good and just cause. According to Multichannel Merchant, customers, especially millennials, are more inclined towards brands that positively impact the environment and society. Therefore, organizing charity fundraising events is a great guerrilla marketing strategy.

  • Make sure your brand is recognized
  • Remind customers of your good deeds every time they meet, buy, and use your product.

Today, you can sponsor hundreds of fundraising events, from amateur art exhibitions to happy hours. All you need is a plan and ingenuity to raise cash for a good cause. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve with these small steps:

  • Host an online fundraising event
  • Send invitations through various social media platforms
  • Encourage participants to bring their friends

5. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a guerrilla marketing tactic that allows customers to spread information voluntarily, usually through social media. From there, the messages spread as quickly as a virus spreads from person to person. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

A famous example in recent times is the Dollar Shave Club posting a YouTube video that has racked up over 3 million views and brought in 12,000 new subscribers.

Many marketers have tried going viral, but only a few have received widespread recognition. So the critical point is to find the point where the message goes viral.

  • Virality is both a strength and a weakness: When you use viral marketing, you put the primary control in the hands of users. A successful viral marketing campaign will do wonders for your small Amazon store. But on the other hand, you run the risk of the message being misinterpreted or parodied either.
  • Create an attention-grabbing video: Guaranteed up to two minutes long for up to 3600 images. Also, a single video on social media can get thousands of views in a day.
  • Connect with your audience: Choose to go live on Instagram or Facebook Videos or webinars. Today, customers expect to communicate directly with brands. You can answer questions, solve problems, and share new ideas directly with customers. Not only does it help your small Amazon store reach customers, but it also provides insight into the customer’s mind.


In this article, Guerrilla marketing tactics for small Amazon businesses have brought success to many brands and increased their sales.

However, there is no universal template for a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. Originality is key. The goal of guerrilla marketing is to reach as many potential customers as possible with the least amount of resources possible. If you know your audience well, you can easily choose the right tools and platforms to reach your audience and make a lasting impression.

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