9 Awesome Things you Can Learn about CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound from the cannabis plant. It accounts for nearly half of the total extract of the plant. It is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting compounds. It has many characteristics that separate it from its sister drug, THC. The euphoric effects of THC are well-known.

Research is still going on this compound, Research is still going on this compound, and we all are in awe of CBD as it is not only beneficial for the humans but for the pets too, you can find a variety of CBD products on holistapet.com

Here we have listed 9 Awesome things you can learn about CBD:

1. We have Used Hemp for hundreds of years

Humans have been cultivating hemp for a very long time. The first evidence of humans growing hemp dates back to about 10,000 years ago, roughly coinciding with the rise of agriculture.

Carl Sagan, the late astronomer and marijuana supporter, suggested in 1977 that hemp was the first cultivated crop, but this has yet to be verified.

2. Addiction and CBD

CBD can assist in the reduction of alcohol consumption and the prevention of relapse.

It could help with problems that cause people to self-medicate in addition to helping people who are already addicted to alcohol. Addressing mental health issues such as depression, psychosis, and anxiety disorders in a safe manner can reduce the likelihood of alcohol abuse.

CBD also aids in the battle against alcohol addiction by approaching each stage of the addiction cycle. It could help prevent addiction by alleviating many of the symptoms that make people vulnerable to addiction, such as pain, insomnia, and mood disorders. It may also aid in the reduction of cravings and withdrawal symptoms in those who are already addicted.

Opioid addiction

Sunday Scaries CBD has been shown to minimize drug-seeking activity in particular. It may be because CBD relieves symptoms that lead to the use of opioids, such as chronic pain. It helps people relieve pain without making them high, unlike opioid painkillers.

3. CBD is psychoactive but also non-intoxicating

One of the most prominent CBD selling points to emerge from the compound’s recent product boom is that it is both medicinal and non-psychoactive, in contrast to the exceptionally psychoactive THC. People think that CBD is non-psychoactive, but that is not true. 

CBD is psychoactive because it significantly impacts cognitive and mood processes. The cannabinoid’s most well-known psychoactive effect is the relaxing sensation it produces. However, CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning it does not cause the same “high” like THC. THC is psychoactive as well as an intoxicant. This is why cannabis derivatives with greater concentrations than 0.3% THC are illegal federally. Though residents in states like Illinois, which legalized recreational marijuana, can access such products with an Illinois medical marijuana card

4. CBD is beneficial for Animals

The ECS in our bodies aids in producing our endocannabinoids, which interact with CBD. The same is the case with animals. Animals like dogs, cats, horses have their own ECSs that process CBD in the same way humans do. Every mammal has an ECS, so rats are often used to analyze cannabis and related items for this purpose. Also, you can find a lot about the benefits of cbd for dogs on this site.

Moreover, people try CBD hemp oils for pets in different ways, such as tablets or oils, to treat many ailments.

5. Royal Families Have Used CBD

CBD has been used for thousands of years and is only considered a controlled ingredient. Queen Victoria, who governed England from 1837 to 1901, is one notable example from the nineteenth century.

Queen Victoria is said to have used CBD during her reign as Queen of England. She was said to have used CBD to cope with menstrual cramps. Sir J. Russel Reynolds, her physician, advocated for the use of cannabis to help her cope with the discomfort she experienced during her periods. She was able to obtain significant relief as a result. According to a variety of scientific evidence and anecdotes, CBD is an effective pain reliever in cases of chronic pain, muscle soreness, wounds, and injuries. The queen seemed to be aware of this helpful treatment as well, as she used CBD-rich cannabis to alleviate menstrual cramps.

Even Greeks also used CBD as medicine. Claudius Galen, a famous Greek doctor, prescribed cannabis juice as a pain reliever.

The De Materia Medica, written by Pedanius Dioscorides about 65-70 CE, is the first known text regarding marijuana as official medicine. The third volume states the analgesic properties of the Cannabis plant.

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6. CBD Is CBD Despite The Source

Some people believe that CBD derived from marijuana is not the same as CBD derived from hemp. It makes no difference where CBD comes from till it is the same at the molecular level.

Although the percentage of CBD in some plants can vary from one another, there is little or no difference between the compounds.

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7. CBD is illegal in Canada

Although shipping CBD derived from hemp to various parts of the world is easy, Canada still classifies CBD as a Schedule II substance.

It means you cannot get it without a prescription, and hemp extracts are not available yet.

CBD oil is available from approved medical marijuana companies as a drug made from marijuana, not hemp, for prescription drugs.

The issue is that Canadian laws do not distinguish between CBD hemp and CBD marijuana. The Canada Border Services Agency has the authority to levy fines and criminal charges against importers.

8. CBD is considered a medicine in the UK

Yes, CBD oil has been sold as a nutritional supplement in the United Kingdom for some time. On the other hand, CBD oil was recently reclassified as a medicine. As a result, the British government has begun to acknowledge the numerous health benefits of CBD products, such as CBD oil.

9. Flying with CBD is risky

While hemp-derived CBD is legal in the USA, some states and cities have more stringent regulations. Local law enforcement officers have arrested and charged people flying with CBD items in some cases.


Cannabis is a super plant, and so are its other compounds including CBD. However, sadly, even after being used medicinally in history, we did not research it. Nevertheless, now it is getting the hype it deserves. We hope you learned something new about CBD.