How to Choose the Right CBD Products for You

The CBD industry continues to grow rapidly. With many proven beneficial products to its name, many individuals who want to try out this treatment wonder “which of these products is best for me?” There are many things to keep in mind when determining the right answer to that question.

You need to consider things like your age, body weight, and the type of activities you do on a daily basis among others. To give you a befitting answer to the question, we will discuss certain factors that should help you decide which CBD products will fit your needs and preference.

Forms of CBD

Before discussing the factors, we need to know the different forms of CBD like dab pens available in today’s market. They are:

1. CBD Capsules

Some people prefer capsules because they are easy to consume and appeal to all ages. Yet, one disadvantage of these pills is their low cannabidiol concentration and low bioavailability in the body system.

2. CBD Oil

Also called a tincture, this is the most popular product in the industry. It has versatile uses and can be taken orally, used in cooking, and rubbed on the skin. One drawback of tincture is its conspicuousness. It is noticeable and if you are always self-conscious, you won’t like to take it in public.

Also, the oil can leak if not properly covered, therefore, carrying it around is a problem. Its bland taste is an issue for many, but some brands add vanilla or mint to curb this problem.

3. CBD Topicals

These products are applied to the skin. They include balms, lotions, and creams. When applied, they penetrate the skin and reach localized areas. Therefore, if you want a CBD product that is versatile, topical may not be the best option. You can click on to know more about topicals.

CBD is also available in vapes and gummies. These are new products in the industry, and they are fast becoming a favorite among enthusiasts. Now that we know the forms of CBD, let’s discuss the factors that will determine which product is good for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD Products

Here are some factors to consider when choosing cannabidiol products:

1. How They Affect the Body

Each product affects the body system in various ways. While some are easily broken down, others take a long time before showing effects. Tinctures and vapes are quickly absorbed in the body and give instant effects.For those seeking rapid relief, devices from Yocanvaporizer offer a convenient and efficient way to consume CBD through inhalation.

Meanwhile, capsules are slow, and in the end, you will get just a little amount of cannabidiol. If you want quick action, go for the oils. But if you want a long-lasting effect, go for edibles or capsules.

2. The Time it Takes for the Body to Absorb Them

Different forms of cannabidiol have different time of absorption in the body. For instance, capsules take a long time, about 30 minutes, before the body absorbs them. This is because the digestive system takes time to break them down. However, oils take less time to get into the body.

3. Why You Want Them

Some products have specific uses, while others can serve versatile purposes. Topicals, for example, are known for their trans-dermal effects when applied to the skin. They can only work on specific areas where you feel pain or have inflammation.

Capsules are a good option for digestive issues as they are absorbed through the digestive tract system. However, if you want a product that has versatile options, then it is best to go for the oils. This is because you can drop them under your tongue, in your food or beverage, or apply them to the body.

4. Your Lifestyle

This also determines the type of products you should choose. For instance, if you like to take CBD early in the morning or before you sleep at night, then the oils may be ideal for you. However, if you travel a lot, then capsules may be a better option as they won’t leak or spill in a suitcase.

5. How They Taste

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant so it has a grassy, bland taste. Some people like this taste, whereas others find it repulsive and tacky. With many products available, you can decide to choose based on flavors and taste.

Edibles or cannabidiol gummies come in different flavors and possess a unique taste. Therefore, if your pallet is picky, you can choose them. You can read this article to know more about CBD gummies.

6. How Much They Cost

The prices of these products vary based on the type and the cannabidiol concentration. The oils are expensive because of their high active ingredient concentration. On the other hand, topicals are generally cheaper than others due to low concentration. Gummies are also expensive as they have natural flavors and colors that make them appealing.

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose any product based on the money you have at hand. But it is important to note that the quality of a product is more important than what it costs. So look for reputable brands that offer quality products and buy from them.


There are various CBD products available today. We discussed the things that will determine the products to choose for your well-being. You can choose based on the bioavailability, absorption time, your lifestyle, the taste of the product, the usage, and how much it costs.