5 things to never say to your roommate during inpatient rehab near me

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, then you need to check yourself into an inpatient drug rehab in Florida. To avoid having any issues with your journal to get clean and sober, you must avoid making a bad impression with your roommate, counselors, doctor, or therapists at the center. But how can you do this?

Make sure the things you say do not offend anyone, you are committed in your sobriety journey, and you take the process seriously. If you are not taking yourself or others seriously in your quest to get sober, then professionals will not be able to help you – and they will be unwilling to help someone who does not want to help themselves.

The same goes for you and your roommate – if you offend your roommate, you don’t get along with them, and you are not interested in getting to know about their past, they may feel like you are unmotivated and unfriendly. Avoid making strained relationships in your inpatient rehab near me by bonding with your roommate – and do NOT say these 5 things!

Do you have a new roommate in an inpatient rehab near me? If so, do NOT say these 5 things to them!

Asking them why they are in rehab

Unless you have developed a bond with your roommate already, it can be considered rude to ask them why they are in rehab. Unless you have already gotten to know them and their personality, asking them why they are in an inpatient rehab near me – such as for drugs or alcoholism – is considered brash and abrasive.

How long they are sober

The next question to avoid asking a new roommate in inpatient rehab near me is how long they have been sober. If you are questioning someone about their sobriety, it can be considered sarcastic, rude, or too forward. Avoid doing this until you have asked them more questions about their personal life and you know them on a deeper level!

Criminal history

The next thing to avoid saying to your new roommate in inpatient rehab near me is asking about their criminal history. If you’re assuming someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol is also a criminal, this can be stereotypical and very rude to your new “friend” in rehab.

Asking them to get drugs or alcohol

The next thing to avoid when it comes to bonding with your new roommate in inpatient rehab near me is asking them for drugs or alcohol. Since you are both trying to get sober and stay clean for the rest of your life, asking for drugs or alcohol can derail your quest for sobriety and cause you both to relapse.

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Asking about if they have relapsed in the past

The last thing to never say to your new roommate is to ask them if they have relapsed in the past. This can bring up unwanted memories and tough times for them – which will not help you get closer or bond with them on any level.


If you are new to attending an inpatient rehab near me, chances are you have a roommate in this facility – avoid damaging your relationship with your roommate by getting to know them as a person, avoiding asking rude questions, and thinking before you speak.