6 Advantages Of Carpet Tiles For Your Home

Carpet tiles are a relatively new type of flooring that might be perfect for your home. However, while the carpet is a great option for any home, they’re bulky, hard to maintain, and expensive.

If you stay in Sydney, you’ll know that a carpet that traps heat makes it impossible to survive during the summers. With carpet tiles, you can get the same look and feel of carpet without the other disadvantages.

Here is everything you need to know that will have you running to get some carpet tiles in Sydney.

If you’ve been unsure about using carpet tiles for your home, here is a list of advantages that might change your mind!

Less Expensive

Compared to wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood flooring, carpet tiles are an inexpensive option, especially if you’re doing the installation yourself. You save on labour, delivery, and carpet cushion!

Easy Installation

While you’ll need a professional to install carpet, you only need yourself, and maybe a YouTube installation video for carpet tiles. They’re great for home renovation projects since they’re so easy to use and come out looking great!

Easy to Maintain

When you compare carpet tiles to actual carpet flooring, you’ll find the former is much easier to maintain. This is because they’re less likely to stain and come apart and are less absorbent too.

If you have a massive problem with a carpet tile, you can quickly pop it out and replace it with new tiles, no uprooting carpet for you!

Less Waste

Carpets are notorious for being expensive and wasteful. So if you need a little extra carpet, you’ll need to buy a whole lot more and toss away the rest.

With carpet tiles, you can keep any extra tiles around for quick maintenance requirements. They’re smaller and easier to store as well!

But, carpet tiles are smaller, so you won’t have to buy a whole lot more to cover your floor.

Better for Those With Allergies

Carpets are low pile and flatter. They don’t come with the cushioning that regular carpet does so that there is less dust, dirt, and fewer pests that can stick to your floor. As a result, the air quality is better, and it is less likely to set off allergies.

Water and Moisture

Unlike conventional carpets, carpet tiles are more resistant to dampness and wetness. While it is not waterproof, it is simpler to remove stains and resist moisture from humidity. As a result, it is less prone to problems when carpets and water are mixed.

Who Should Consider Carpet Tiles?

While carpet tiles have multiple advantages, they’re not for everybody. So, if you have any of these requirements, carpet tiles may not be for you.

Opulence: If you want a more sophisticated aesthetic, like in hotels – carpet is the better option.

Soft Flooring: Carpet tiles don’t have the same softness that comes with carpets and their cushioning

On the flip side, carpet tiles are great for those who:

Need Something Affordable: Carpet tiles are a lot cheaper and can be stored in-house to replace quickly.

Have Children That Spill: Carpets are prone to staining, and spills are hard to get out.

Have Pets: Pets and carpets don’t mix. The fur and other dirt that comes with owning a pet will stick to your carpet and never leave, causing bad air quality.

Are Looking for a DIY Option: If you’re redoing your bedroom flooring and don’t have a large budget, you can easily DIY lay carpet tiles.

Carpets are a luxury. They offer a great soft underfoot and leave every room feeling luxurious. However, they’re a huge pain to maintain.

However, carpet tiles in Sydney are a great option. Unfortunately, while the look of carpet remains, there is no professional installation, heavy maintenance, and a chance of irreparable damage.