Why do you need to get a serum immediately?

Skin care, we admit, is a conundrum. The jargon notwithstanding, there is also the matter of understanding the very thin line differentiating the almost-same products. One such vital product that has people confused are the serums. Read aboutWhy do you need to get a serum immediately?

Are they for prepping the skin? Do they work as moisturizers but are not really moisturizers? They are oily, so are they facial oils? Do you also have these same questions? Read on to get your answers

What exactly is a serum?

Serums are your prayers answered, in short. But technically, serums aim to get useful products directly to your skin. Since serums are made up of small molecules, they are readily absorbed into the skin.

Think of serum molecules as messengers; you can use them to deliver your specific ingredients –the post—directly to your cells. They are thus effective for targeted treatment of specific skin problems like wrinkles. Different serums contain different ingredients, so you can consult a Skin specialist in Lahore for what best fits your requirements.

What are the benefits of serum?

Now that we have established what serums are, it’s time to convince you for the need to use them. Following are some reasons why serums are great for your skin:

Minimizes dark spots:

We are all haunted by dark spots, especially those people with pigmented skin. Exposure to sunlight is another major contributor of dark spots, especially for those who are less regular in their use of sunscreens.

Serums help you soldier through these dark spots, ensuring a flawless skin. Serums that are rich in Glycolic Acid are more efficient in reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Perfect for sensitive skin:

As if skin care is not challenging enough, those with sensitive skin have to be even more careful about using the accurate products, lest their skin breakouts.

Serums are perfect for sensitive skin type, due to its light texture. Those with oily and acne prone skin should therefore invest in facial serums, as thick creams can overwhelm their skin and cause the formation of zits.

Protects your skin:

Skin damage is most often a gradual process, and thus it is not until the boat has long sailed do we realize what transpired. Environmental pollution certainly has not helped either. Enter, aging and wrinkles.

Serums, on the other hand, protect the skin against the damage by pollutants and free radicals. They are rich in vitamin C, E, antioxidants like resveratrol, that then help in undoing the damage done through the day, and fortifying the skin against future damage.

Light consistency:

Since serums have thin consistency, they are readily absorbed into the skin. Serums thus allow for the skin to breathe, as they are neither heavy nor greasy. This makes them especially useful for people living in hot places, who cannot use thick creams without feeling stifled.

Moreover, the light texture of serums also makes them great for layering as well.

Mild exfoliation:

Exfoliating skin is important for improving texture and appearance of the skin. Serums containing AHAs and BHAs have mild exfoliant properties, allowing for your skin to become smooth and soft.

Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines:

Aging is incorrigible; you cannot beat time. Your cells will age, your skin will sag, and wrinkles will form. However, what you can do is delay the process of aging by properly taking care of your skin.

When you give your cells adequate nutrition, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced. Serums contain ingredients like retinol that help you achieve this goal. However, for a more effective anti-aging skincare regimen, you should also consult the Best Skin specialist in Karachi as well.