What to do After a Truck Accident in Michigan

If you’re injured in a truck accident in Michigan, it’s important to protect your right and safety first. For this, you will need to perform several quick actions: rush to the hospital and record your statement to law enforcement agencies who visited the site. The other most crucial action is to claim compensation against the at-fault truck driver.

Mostly, people show negligence in visiting the hospital after the accident. The reason is they look fit physically, but there are chances that blood is bleeding inside. I remember during college days, one of our fellows lose his life due to this negligence. So, never take a risk for your safety after a truck accident.

What to do After a Truck Accident in Michigan Checklist

Check Injuries

As the truck is a heavy vehicle, the accident with trucks can be fatal. Sometimes, these accidents cause serious injuries and even death of the other motorists. So, the first and top priority after an accident should be check yourself and the other passengers in the car. The person in severe condition should rush to the nearest hospital immediately so that precious lives can save. For quick service and if you want to hire a lawyer, just Click here.

Remain at the Site

Leaving the site without reporting it to the police is considered an offensive crime. At the same time, it is also advised to move to the nearest safe place after the incident. For example, if the car is now in a dangerous position or the incident happened at night, it is better to move to a safe location. 

Collect Information

If you can talk, discuss all the matters with eyewitnesses. Collect their name, address, phone number, and email. Police also collect the same information, but sometimes eyewitnesses leave the site early. So, make sure to get all possible data from these people.

Tell the Truth

After a few minutes, police will come to the incident scene and interview all the motorists present there. Speak the truth at your turn, and don’t guess things like the traffic signal was red or green. If the police ask questions and you’re unsure about that particular thing, you can say, I don’t know. These statements play a vital role in the compensation of the damage in the future.

Take Photos

Take photos from different angles after the truck accident in Michigan. Also, make some videos; these will also be helpful in the investigation. In these photos, capture your injuries, skidding marks, adjoining land area, and road debris. It is also advised continuously take pictures of your injuries during treatment until they heal. 

Visit a Doctor

If you get injured in a truck accident, musk seeks medical treatment as early as possible and encourages other passengers to do the same. Also, make a record of all treatments you’re gone through. This act will help in the compensation of damage from the insurance company. They deny compensating in such cases due to a lack of evidence.

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Report to Insurance Company

After first aid, call your insurance company and inform them about the accident when you feel better. The report should be short and to the point. Mentioned the name, address, phone number, and rank of a police officer who investigated the scene. Also, write the name and address of eyewitnesses and the at-fault driver. Inform them about your recent condition and the place where you got treatment recently.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Insurance companies use different tactics to devalue your claim. The adjusters always try for a quick settlement in a low amount. Only an experienced lawyer can save money and maximize your case value in such a situation. The lawyer and its team will provide you assistance from the date of the accident to the date until you get your right.

Final Words

After reading all the upper paragraphs, we hope that now you’re completely aware that what to do after a truck accident in Michigan. By following these points, you will be able to get 100% of what you have a claim for the compensation. Still, do you have a question? Contact us today and get all information related to the trucking accident case. It will be a pleasure for us to answer all your queries. In addition, no fees will be charged for consultation.