Winter Festive Gifts That You Can Send Your Clients

Clients shouldn’t feel like they are just any other client. They should feel special as their good business helps keep companies thriving. One thing you can do to show client appreciation is to give great holiday gifts to round out a successful year. 

Handwritten Note

Snail mail and handwritten notes seem like a thing of the past when they shouldn’t be. Since receiving something like this is pretty rare, giving it should mean much more. Go ahead and send your clients a handwritten and personal letter. Write something from the heart, which shows you appreciate their business.

Holiday Basket

Another thing you can do in addition to a handwritten note is send your clients a holiday gift basket. There are many different gift baskets you can choose with everything from meat and cheese-filled options to sweets and wine. For an easy choice, look to brands like Hickory Farms who are experts in the gifting space. 

Living Plants

Air plants or succulents make the perfect gift. They are not hard to take care of. While a lot of people love to garden and love the work involved with it, most people don’t want to do much work. Since you don’t know what kind of gardeners your clients are, these are good options.

Personalized Coffee Table Book

Your clients work in certain industries. Use that information to find the perfect coffee table book. You want something your clients can keep in their place of business. If you do not want to go this route, you can also invest in a coffee table book featuring the city your client lives in. Of course, you’re going to have to send different coffee table books depending on each client.

Portable Phone Charger

Virtually every person out there is using a smartphone, and they are using them all day. Since you know this to be true, you can send everyone a portable phone charger. Your clients will appreciate this gift, especially on days when it seems like they just do not have the time to plug their phones in a regular electrical socket. This gift will provide a few charges.

Bluetooth Headphones

These make good gifts as well. Again, you know how important smartphones have become, making these Bluetooth headphones pretty great. There are times during the day that you’d prefer to put headphones on so that you can watch something. You may do this to relax after a busy day or to listen to a seminar. There are a million ways to use these headphones.

Online Classes

A virtual class related to a client’s business or profession could be good. You could also just go with something a little more fun, like a cooking or meditation class. There are many classes to choose from. This should make it easier to show how much you care. Plus, they get to learn something, thanks to you.

These are some gifts you can send for Winter Festive this year to your clients. Hopefully, you find a great gift on this list.