Best Technology Review Platforms

Buying tech equipment is always a bit more challenging than you’ve planned it to be. There’s a lot to consider and there’s a lot of inside knowledge that can come in handy when choosing a piece of tech that’s made to be reliable, last a long time, and be affordable.

That’s where technology review platforms can come in handy. They offer comprehensive reviews and comparisons that will allow you to have an informed opinion before committing to making a purchase. Here’s a list of a few such platforms that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and honest.


Cnet is one of the leaders in the world of tech reviews and tech news in general. It offers news, videos, vlogs, forums, and how-tos and tutorials in the world of tech. CNet started in the world of TV and radio but it has truly found its place on the internet when it started a site in 1994.

The site also has foreign sections and there’s content in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. The review section of the platform has reviewed over 4500 products every year. This includes software reviews.


Truely is a tech review platform that offers comprehensive, deep-dive reviews for tech, software, and online services. This includes a wide range of online tools and services from QR code generators to online charity platforms that are worth your trust. Therefore, by visiting Truely you can get a clear overview of a tool or a technology that you want to purchase.

Another great thing about the platform is the fact that they are rather open and transparent about their ranking methodology. That means that you’ll know why a particular tool or software has deserved a high place in Truely’s ranking.


Tomshardware is a platform focused on technology. It was founded in 1996 and it produced articles, reviews, blogs, forums, vlogs, comparison pieces about both hardware and software.  The site started as a small venture, but it grew and was purchased by TechMediaNetwork, and then again by Future. It offers balanced and fair reviews and it can be used as a reliable buying guide.

Tomshardware also has versions in foreign languages. It’s currently produced in English, French, Italian, Russian, and Turkish. Due to the changes in EU laws, a separate German version of the platform was founded in 2018.

The Verge

The Verge is a tech blog owned by Vox. It covers tech reviews, tech news, product reviews, and covers consumer electronics, and gadgets. It was founded in 2011 and it won numerous awards for best writing and editorials in tech journalism. The platform has also expanded into video production and podcasts.

Even though the reviews offered by The Verge are on the highest level, it also was also plagued by controversy. One of the site’s editors was employed by Apple which has caused issues regarding their objectivity. The editor was let go, and the Verge continued producing tech-related content since. Verge’s YouTube channel has since become an especially important part of the platform.

It’s important to note that The Verge belongs to Vox. This means that it should be taken into consideration when reading the reviews on the site, as this is a major factor in their rankings.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has been around for 70 years and its mission is to help consumers make smarter choices regarding products by providing comprehensive reviews of tech, software, appliances, cars, etc… It was founded in 1936 and its main aim is to serve as an upstanding watchdog. Consumer reports are based on data analysis and laboratory-style testing which means that all reviews are well grounded and backed by facts.

One of the things that can cause controversy with this particular platform is the fact that they do not always include every last detail about what makes a product great or what’s bad because of how extensive their reviews are. So, if you like to see every detail about each product you should check out other platforms as well.

The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter is an online publication owned by The New York Times Company. It was founded in 2011 and just like the others, it produces comprehensive reviews for products that range from phones to home appliances and laundry machines. The platform offers both news, features, buying guides, etc…

One unique feature that sets this site apart is its testing process. It has employed panelists who use the tools they review so every single piece of information offered there comes from real-user experiences which means that all opinions are based on actual facts.


T3 is a British technology magazine founded in 1995. It mainly focuses on electronic gadgets and their components, but it also offers news, entertainment news, tech-related comics, etc… They offer news coverage of the most popular smart home products that are based on user feedback. Some of the products they have covered include various security cameras, A/V receivers, speakers, headphones, fitness trackers and more. The magazine has around 150 000 readers every month. And despite being focused on UK consumers it can be used as a great buying guide for US consumers too due to how globalized our society has become when it comes to tech devices.

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Conclusio n

Being completely honest, you cannot go wrong with any of the platforms mentioned above. They are all reliable when it comes to providing quality reviews, but they also have their own pros and cons in terms of what kind of content they offer. The Wirecutter is known for being very brief in its content which might not be suitable for everyone. Tomshardware has comprehensive articles that cover every single detail about a product including small aspects most people don’t even think are worth mentioning. Truely is definatly one of our favorites as the site is growing rapidly in terms of its audience, so it’s definitely one to keep your eye on.

One thing to consider here is what kind of products do you reviews on? Are you looking for a specific product such as the best smartwatch or the best security camera? Or are you more interested in seeing what each platform has to offer in terms of all kinds of devices. This might help you narrow down your search and eventually choose one over another.

Whether you’re looking for buying guides, news coverage or comprehensive reviews one thing is certain – there is a platform out there that can cater to your every need. So go ahead, try them out and see what works for you! And if we have missed any, let us know in the comment section below!