Why Choose Family Day Care Townsville Has to Offer and How to Find the Right One for Your Child

 So, is it time for your child to get early education? While this brings a lot of excitement, it can also be a daunting experience for parents. You would want the best for your child, but the plethora of daycare services can make decision-making a bit difficult.  

Now, one good option to take is the family day care Townsville and other cities in Queensland have to offer. Unlike long daycare, it is done in a private venue (usually an educator’s home) where your little one will be cared for and educated along with other children in a small group.

What Is Family Day Care

When it is your first time looking for early childhood education for your child, you might be confused by the differences between long daycare and family daycare. To understand why the latter could be the better option for your situation, let us make a comparison between the two.

The most obvious difference would be the size. Unlike most long daycare centres, family daycare typically has lower educator-to-children ratios. As a standard, there should be no more than four pre-school aged children per educator and seven for older children.

Another difference is the operating hours. While family daycare also operates during working hours on weekdays, they could adjust their schedules to suit the parents’ needs. For example, they would accommodate children during weekends, holidays, or even during nighttime.

Like long daycare centres which have their supervisors, family daycare also has a coordinator who visits the educator’s venue to offer guidance on regulatory matters.

Benefits of Family Day Care

A lot of Australian parents choose family day care Townsville and other cities in Queensland have to offer over long daycare for a number of reasons.

Individualised Programmes

Due to the low educator-to-children ratios, carers in family daycare can easily individualise or tailor their learning programmes to effectively satisfy each child’s interests and needs. This also means your child will receive sufficient attention and care from staff members.

Flexible Hours and Payment Systems

As previously implied, family daycare providers can adjust their schedules to suit your working hours. Apart from that, they usually use flexible payment methods. For example, they can charge hourly or daily rates, making them a more convenient option.

Stronger Relationships Between Children and Carers

With a home-like environment, family daycare offers children the opportunity to build stronger and long-lasting bonds with their educators and carers, who look after them as their own parents would. Many families even view these individuals as second parents to their children.

Better Community Engagement

This type of early childhood education uses learning methods and experiences that reflect the community. After all, most family day care educators and carers are highly engaged in their own communities, and they incorporate their passion into their teaching methods.

Solid Support Network

A huge part of every family daycare centre’s success comes from the support they receive from their respective coordination teams. This ensures they will be able to provide high-quality education at all times.

Choosing the Right Family Day Care for Your Child


Choosing the right family daycare for your child boils down to three aspects—quality, accreditation, and reputation.


When vetting a provider, you should organise a visit to the home or venue it uses to gauge the quality of its learning environment and programmes. During your visit, keep in mind the following questions:

  • Are the staff members professional, welcoming, and respectful?
  • Are the children engaged and happy?
  • How many children are handled per educator or carer?
  • What learning experiences are available?
  • Are healthy meals provided?
  • How do they supervise children during indoor and outdoor activities?
  • What ratings did the centre receive from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) National Quality Standard?

Aside from these aspects, there are also other things that affect the quality of daycare that you should check out, such as the safety and security measures in place.      

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Licence and Accreditations

The family daycare that you choose should be licensed and certified to offer early childhood education. Again, they should be compliant with the benchmarks set by ACECQE.

Technically, there are seven quality traits the ACECQE uses when assessing family daycare and determining their ratings, such as:

1. Educational programme

2. Physical environment

3. Children’s health and safety

4. Quality of staff members

5. Centre’s relationships with the children and their families

6. Leadership

7. Governance


Of course, a good family daycare should have a stellar reputation among parents and other people who are using their services. So, read reviews. Visit their website for comments or their social media pages for testimonials. You can also ask your relatives and friends who have used the same daycare service you are considering.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the family day care Townsville and other Queensland cities have to offer is a great option to take for your little one’s early childhood education. However, it is still important to remember that not all carers are the same. By taking the time to do your research, following the tips mentioned above, and doing other due diligence, you will be able to find the right service for your child.

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