Who Needs a C++ Homework Helper?

C++ is like a Lego constructor: you can build your dream castle, or you can scream in pain, stepping on the parts forgotten on the floor. Games are written on it, and neural networks are trained; thanks to it, Google search and robots of trading exchanges work. You can face so many problems while learning it. We will tell you where the language is used and who needs a C++ homework helper

The shortest history of the creation of C++

The first versions of the C++ language appeared in the early 1980s. Their creator is Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish programmer from Bell Laboratories. He simulated the distribution of calls to automatic telephone exchanges. At that time, Stroustrup had two types of languages: low-level languages and Fortran-based or Algol-based languages, which were very slow.

Low-level languages give complete control over the computer’s resources: processor, memory, peripherals. But such languages have few ready-made tools, which means that any complex concepts and functions will have to be coded independently. High-level languages already have all the necessary abstractions.

Stroustrup has combined the capabilities of object-oriented C and the Algol-based Simula language. The main innovation in C is classes, the main element in object-oriented programming, containing data and the code that manipulates it.

This is how “C with classes” or “new C” appeared, which in 1983 got its final name – C++. ++ is an operator that means add one. That is, another one was added to the capabilities of the C language.

Do I need a C++ homework helper?

Yes, you need a helper if you study programming but faces with problems while dealing with computer science homework. Experienced programmers can help you with tasks related not only to the C++ language but also to other spheres of programming. 

Main areas of use for C++

  • development of games and game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity);
  • GPU computing (cryptocurrency, deep learning);
  • development of high-load and high-performance applications.

If one of these areas causes any difficulties for a student, then it is better to ask for help from a person who has experience in this area.

C++ is a productive language; it helps roadmaps in GPS not to be stupid and build optimal routes, favorite games not to lag and deliver maximum quality with graphics settings moved to the limit, banking services to be around the clock, and transfers are instant.

Performance is an important characteristic of any computer game. Counter-Strike, StarCraft: Brood War, Diablo I, World of Warcraft – all of them appeared a long time ago and were written in C++, like the operating systems of the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the kernels of the popular Unreal Engine or Unity game engines, on the basis of which a huge number of 3D games, simulations, shooters and strategies were made.

This is because object-oriented programming can be used in C++, and when necessary, you can turn to the low-level capabilities of the language, which allow you to optimize the game well for specific platforms and very efficiently perform calculations for graphics. However, if a person doesn’t have enough knowledge to perform such calculations, they need to ask a helper to deal with them. In this way, a beginner can be confident in the result. 

Due to parallelization (simultaneous execution of a large number of simple mathematical operations), the language is suitable for bitcoins and neural networks. The former can be mined in C++; the latter can be trained: most of the deep learning libraries (TensorFlow, Caffe, Shogun, Pytorch C++ API, etc.) use CUDA and OpenCL C++ code.

C++ is indispensable for high-load applications; it is used to develop search engines, trading exchange robots, database management systems, and network traffic routing. With the help of C++, Mozilla Corporation developed the opensource Firefox browser, Amadeus was created – an electronic booking system for flights, hotels, cruise tours, and car rental (5000 transactions per second pass through it, more than a billion transactions daily), thanks to C++ Google search engine works.

As you can see, C++ is used in many areas. It doesn’t matter which of them you have problems with; you can find a helper. Such specialists work on special helping services and are knowledgeable in C++ and other languages.