What Does It Mean to Be a Licensed Level 2 Electrician in NSW?

Benefits of This Professional Electrical Ability

There are many benefits that come with this license level. The ability to be licensed and service residential and commercial properties in New South Wales is something that many electricians in the area seek out. It;s necessary to have this level of qualification to compete in the local market if you want to be considered a top-tier technician.

Installation, Renovation, Repairs and Emergency Services

A level 2 electrician in NSW will be qualified to handle the installation of electrical components, renovation projects, repairs, and offer emergency repair services. Ulladulla electricians ensure that they are qualified level 2 technicians who can assist you on any residential or commercial project that you have.

What Does It Mean to Be a Licensed Level 2 Electrician in New South Wales?

In New South Wales there are different levels of certification for electricians. Each designation allows for the electrician to do different types of work, with a level 2 being able to do all of the work that a level 1 is able to do and additional work. There are 3 levels of certification for accredited and authorised service providers, and each level requires additional training.

What Is an Accredited and Authorised Service Provider?

ASP, short for accredited and authorised service provider is the term used for electricians who are trained and certified. It is certified that they are able to safely work on electronic equipment and wiring, and they are then allowed to seek employment as an electrician. There are three levels of certification in this program, and each level is qualified to do different types of work, each one able to do more then the level before.

Levels of ASP

With three levels, level 1, level 2, and level 3, this program ensures that you are hiring the right electrician for each job, and that they will be qualified to complete the tasks. There are testing and other barriers to pass for each level to ensure that those who are certified are well trained and know both the safety mechanisms and processes, but also that they know how to complete them appropriately.

Level 1 Electrician

As their level determines what they are trained in and approved to do, it is important to find the right level of electrician for the job needed. A level 1 is able to build and install electrical in homes and buildings. These tasks include laying and stringing electrical cables and joining cables together, putting up the power poles where needing and creating trenches for cables where overhead power lines are not the correct solution. They are also able to work with low voltage live electricity, as well as work with sub stations. 

Level 2 Electrician

The level 2 electrician services NSW offers is made up of four categories, the 2A, B, C, and D. 2A can disconnect services for any building at the connection point. This task is most often used for building renovations that require the power to be disconnected completely. 2B is able to work on underground systems, including wiring systems and conductors. This includes installing and connecting underground services, disconnecting underground services, and upgrading or moving underground services. They are also able to update meters or other protection devices anywhere on the system. 2C is for overhead services, including installing and connecting them. It also covers relocating or upgrading overhead lines, disconnect or reconnect services, or replacing a protection device. The last class of level two, the 2D, is able to work on and service equipment including fuses and the protection devices. They are able to work at the connection points and can instal or replace protection devices and meters, as well as fuses.

Level 3

A level 3 ASP works only with designing the network and they do not do any hands on electrical work.