What are the Ill Effects of Alcoholism?

From the moment you take a sip of alcohol, it starts having a bad impact on your body. Alcohol can change your behavior and leave you without the mental clarity to make an important decision in life. Alcohol addiction treatment can help you to recover from such things. Consumption of alcohol can lead to hallucination and a sudden withdrawal can lead to serious complications.

Inflammatory Damage

The liver is mostly affected by the consumption of alcohol. This leads to liver inflammation or any kind of serious liver disease. When the liver is damaged it becomes difficult to remove toxic substances from the body. Liver Disease is life-threatening, women show liver damage more quickly than men.

Nervous System
Alcohol addiction treatment should be taken otherwise it can affect your central nervous system. The level of alcohol in the body reduces the communication between the brain and body. You may experience a tingling sensation or numbness in your hands and feet. Alcohol makes it more difficult for your brain to create long-term memories and reduces the ability to think. If you have already escaped from the grapes of alcohol addiction then maybe it’s time you get a stronger grip on your sobriety. Look into sober living homes in Phoenix. These homes are specifically set up in a way that teaches you how to stay sober. 

Sugar Level

Consuming alcohol can damage your pancreas which regulates the insulin level of the body. If the liver and pancreas stop functioning then it can lead to the risk of low blood sugar levels. You can either experience a low blood sugar level (Hypoglycemia) or a high blood sugar level ( Hyperglycemia). Sometimes it can lead to greater complications related to diabetes.

The Digestive System

Excessive drinking can lead to bloating, gassiness, diarrhea, painful stools, or a feeling of fullness in the abdomen. It can also lead to ulcers or hemorrhoids. Ulcers can be fatal if proper Alcohol addiction treatment is not taken. 

People are more likely to have mouth or esophagus cancer. People also experience muscle cramps and eventually muscle death. Too much alcohol can interfere with your ability to balance or walk.

Circulatory System

Alcohol consumption can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, and also heart failure. Difficulty in absorbing minerals and vitamins can cause anemia or malnutrition. Anemia is a condition where you have a low count of red blood cells. The biggest symptom of anemia is fatigue.  

Reproductive System

If seeking treatment for alcohol addiction is not done as soon as possible, it can affect your reproductive system too. A woman who drinks during their pregnancy puts their unborn child at risk. FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders) is a serious concern. 

IT includes physical development abnormalities, learning difficulties, long-term health issues, and so on. Men who consume too much alcohol are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. According to analyzed data, nearly 600,000 people who consume alcohol are associated with a higher rate of heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Final Words

Drinking heavily decreases the natural immune system of the body and makes it more difficult to fight over invading germs. That’s why proper Alcohol addiction treatment is so important. Alcohol consumption increases the risk of types of cancer, such as breast, mouth, and colon cancer.

Alcohol prevents your body from keeping the bones strong. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol if you are a diabetic patient because it can lead to some serious health issues. Most of all, not only does it affect your mental and physical health but it can affect people closest to you, like your family and friends. Try and find the will to stop and seek help at the earliest.