What Are Some Best Apartment Amenities to Offer Your Tenants

Whenever a future tenant looks at your property listing, he checks the amenities you are providing. Often tenants reject or select a property depending on the additional facilities they will get. 

Apart from the expected rent, you have to advertise your property such that a tenant is eager to see your property. If the tenant is paying bucks, he wants a little extra from you in return. If you’re moving from another city, you may be wondering — where are the best apartments for rent in Nashville to live in? Here we will tell you some of the best apartment amenities you can offer to the people looking to rent your flat.

In-Unit laundry

Having an in-unit dryer and washer can really work wonders for your property value. Whether you have the units in the apartment or the basement, both are useful. Tenants do not wish to go out of the building to do the laundry. 

But you might have to inquire if doing that is possible at your end. If you have a flat in a multi-apartment building, you might have to take a NOC first to get this done. You can use https://www.payne-cov.com/tenants/ to get yourself trustworthy tenants for your home.

Stainless steel appliances 

If you can add a stainless steel dishwasher, kitchen sink, and refrigerator, you can expect that to be an attention grabber. They will add a modern angle to your property. But here, you will have to provide your future tenants with instructions on using these appliances. 

This is to avoid any future damage to the property due to ignorance. Make sure that you keep the instruction manuals of each device next to them.


In case you have your own property, you could advertise the backyard coming with the property. Most tenants would love to have some space to soak in the sun. If the tenants are a family with kids, they will quickly grab the opportunity to rent your property. 

But, if you are worried they might ruin your backyard, you can add restrictions over its use in the property document.

Air conditioning unit

If the tenants have to organize their own AC unit, they might not prefer your home. Providing them with a fully functional Air conditioning Unit is sure to get instant responses. Especially if you are in an area where hot weather is frequent, offering the AC for use proves helpful. 

Again an AC installation and use both are expensive. Mention to the tenants that they will have to bear any repair expenses.


Maybe you do not have a backyard. In that case, advertising your Balcony is also a great idea. With a balcony, your tenant gets some space to sit in the fresh air. 

Plus a balcony also offers a great view and that is why tenants prefer a property that has a balcony.


Getting a tenant attracted to your property is not easy. With already many people in the fray advertising their property, you have to offer something unique. The above-mentioned are just a few features that you could add. Whatever you say in the ad, make sure that is the correct detail. If you fabricate details, you might have to cut a sorry figure later on.