The Significance of Sheets and Blankets in Sleeping

You must have wondered why it feels so great jumping on your bed and going under the covers. Whether you prefer the feeling of being covered up with a light sheet or a weighted blanket’s heaviness, there’s a special feeling about using these covers as you try to sleep.

Interestingly, asides that humans are creatures of habit and are influenced through repetitive conditioning, there are scientific reasons why the use of sheets and blankets will help you sleep.

The Science behind the Use of Sheets and Blankets

Though we cannot be sure that using blankets will improve your overall health, there will surely be improvements in your sleep. Let’s take a look at the role science plays in the covering of your body to ensure a great night’s rest.

Sleep Associations and Cues

If you have been making use of blankets since childhood, then you will be strongly associated with this even in adulthood.


Serotonin encourages a relaxed state of mind. It also helps in releasing melatonin, which is a brain hormone that signals sleeping time. Using blankets has a strong link with higher serotonin levels, which ensures you get a great night’s sleep.

Body Temperature

The internal temperature of your body starts cooling down before you sleep. This is thermoregulation. Into the night, the cooling cycle of our bodies continues, and if nothing is covering you up, there’s a high chance you’ll wake up due to the cold.

During the REM stage in sleeping, your body will not be able to regulate its temperature. Without any blanket covering you, this may cause adults and children to wake up as early as 4 am or 5 am.

The cycle of each individual’s body temperature can determine if they’ll wake up early or not.

Maximizing your Sheets and Blankets to Help You Sleep Better

First, you must go for sheets and blankets that suit your taste. To ensure your bedding delivers the best impact, consider these tips.

When choosing your bedding material, be selective

If you usually get hot, then choose a high-quality bamboo sheet that helps in transferring heat away from the body. An example here is the Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheet. You can read the Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheet Review here to learn more.

The type of material you select for your bedding must build that relaxed and cozy sleep association.

Go for Colors and Patterns you like

Though this sounds simple, visual stimulation is important in relaxation. On looking at your bed, as well as the sheets and blankets used, it should be inviting and make you calm.

Cooling down

At times hormones can increase the temperature of our bodies, and you wake up overheated. This can be solved easily by buying a cooling blanket like the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket. This helps in regulating your body temperature. You can read the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket review here to learn more.

Use Layers

The temperature of our bodies doesn’t change easily. Therefore, it makes sense if you layer your bedding. Placing a light sheet, then a heavier blanket to follow, allows you to adjust the weight and heat that your bedding provides all through the night.

Upgrade your mattress

You may not have a sound sleep if you have someone sharing your bed with you. Choosing a larger mattress ensures more separation and provides more room for each individual to regulate their body temperatures better.

Final Thoughts – Creating the Best Sleep Environment

Creating the best sleep environment begins with auditing your bedroom. This includes the type of blankets and sheets you use. After going through this article, you should know how best to design a sleep space that suits your needs.