Social and Leisure Clubs – What Are They and Why Would You Join One?

Social and leisure clubs are everywhere all around Australia and are particularly popular in the big cities. In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at social and leisure clubs, as well as social and entertainment clubs, what they are, why you might want to join one and more.

What Are Social and Leisure Clubs?

Just about everybody has hobbies and interests that we like to indulge in on a regular basis. It could be building models, going fishing, taking the camera out for a day of shooting. Others like to get involved in a sport, such as tennis, lawn bowls, golf and dozens of other favourites among Aussies.

Social groups and leisure clubs exist as a means of allowing a group of like-minded people, who share the same hobby or interest, to get together and indulge their passion in a group environment. Many of these clubs are free to join, while others may have some admin fees to cover various costs. However, when participating in certain activities as a group, there may be other costs involved, depending on what you’re doing or where you are going.

You can find organised groups for just about anything online via sites like Meetup and others, or even through your local social and entertainment club.

Let’s now take a look at some of the benefits and advantages of becoming a member of a social or leisure club that interests you.

Some Benefits of Joining a Social and Leisure Club

Whether your passion is travel, you are single and looking to meet your significant other or you want to test your table tennis skills against other players, there will very likely be a social club in your area catering to your interest.

It’s always a positive experience to get together with other people who enjoy what you enjoy. For starters, you can learn new things from each other. You’ll also make a lot of new friends and always have people you can hang up with when you want to.

For example, if you’re single and you join a single’s social group, it will make it so much easier to meet new people and you won’t have to spend your weekend nights sitting at home alone. You’ll have people to socialise with, with no awkwardness, whether you end up meeting someone you’re interested in or not.

Depending on the type of social club you join, you could find yourself embarking on regular new adventures. This is especially true when you’re a member of a travel club, or your passion is photography or fishing. It’s always a lot more fun to get out and about and explore with other people who share your interests.

Being an active member of a social or leisure club has a lot of benefits, advantages that can vary from club to club. If you want to broaden your horizons, make new friends and experience new adventures, then consider finding a social club near you.

What Is a Social and Entertainment Club?

A really good social and entertainment club is like your “one stop shop” for all your fun and entertainment requirements. Regular bars and nightclubs can be more limited in what they have to offer, whereas a social and entertainment club has more of a smorgasbord of things going on.

For starters, there will usually be at least one quality casual dining restaurant attached and possibly even a cafe as well. There will be a public bar, a member’s bar, pokies, live entertainment, fun activities for kids, raffles and prizes to be won, bingo and trivia afternoons and evenings and a whole lot more. Social and entertainment clubs are often the gateway to joining a variety of social and leisure clubs as well.

You can search online for social and entertainment clubs near you. With Sydney and Lidcombe as examples, try looking for:

In Conclusion

It’s well worth considering joining a social and leisure club or your local social and entertainment club. It will open the doors to more fun times and a whole host of new and exciting opportunities.