Mehndi: Ancient Tradition Still Going Strong

Mehndi is a form of body art and skin decoration on special occasions. Mehndi is also known as henna, it is most commonly used in subcontinent by creating beautiful decorative designs on hand, arms and feet. It is made of powdered dry leaves of the henna plant.

It is the oldest tradition followed by the Asians on their occasions. There are a number of attractive mehndi designs and I am always confused to select what exactly I want to be done on my hands. Recently I saved some of the stunning mehndi designs from an extensive blog on Libas e Jamila.

Positive Spirits & Good Luck

There are a number of designs that are perfect for all kinds of occasions like weddings to Eid. Mehndi is associated with positive spirits and sign of Good Luck.

Weddings in Subcontinent tradition calls for a mehndi ceremony to be held at the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage. It is all about celebrations and happiness.

The most important part of a wedding is mehndi and it incomplete without applying henna and Asian wedding dress on. Not only bride but all the women of the family celebrate their happiness by applying mehndi on hands.

Everybody has their own preferences of designs according to their own taste. Some likes simple mehndi designs some prefer heavy designs.

Usually, brides are tattooed with heavy designs but the trend changes with time the present trend is of simple mehndi designs, brides are also seen wearing simple and light mehndi preferably round tikka with heavy fingers.

The oldest form of mehndi was powdered type which was mixed with water to get in a liquid form and after that it was applied to body for decoration.

Now we can see a variety of liquid mehndi known as instant mehndi, quick mehndi, needle mehndi which is usually very dark in color and is applied on hands with a needle. This brings such a fine design which is very neat and elegant. 

Chand Raat in all its glory

There are a number of occasions which are incomplete without mehndi. Eid is one of them. Chand Raat a is celebrated a night before the eid. It is one of the nights where every Muslim around the globe is the happiest every street and all the bazaars are lightening up.

There are mehndi stalls and bangles all around. Little girls are getting their mehndi done from the stalls along with bangles. This occasion is celebrated no less than a wedding there is a wave of endless blessings all over. Chand Raat is one of the most favorite occasions of mine.

I love going to the market to see the crowd and enjoy the preparations. Everybody is excited to wear new clothes and get the blessings of the divine occasion. Little girls are super happy to get matching bangles with their clothes.

The atmosphere is different and beautiful. There is a unique vibe at homes. Girls are all busy in applying mehndi on hands and mothers are super busy in kitchen to prepare feast for the big day. 

Creating Beautiful Memories together

My most favorite mehndi design is a simplest round circle with little design around it. I usually apply mehndi myself; it is the most favorite to do on occasions like eid. My Chand Raat ends up applying henna on others.

So, I hardly get time to apply on my own hands but I apply mehndi in any case whether it’s on the third day of eid. The tradition of applying mehndi is followed from a very long time.

I still remember the times when there was no cone mehndi is but we use to bring powder mehndi and apply it with the help of finger to the hands of others. It is one of the most beautiful traditions for every girl because it is the most feminine time that girls spend together with their cousin, sisters, friends.

Friends also organize mehndi events on Chand Raat and invite their friends for sleepovers and celebrations. The one friend that has mastered in applying mehndi designs is on duty to apply mehndi on everybody’s hands and that’s how the event is celebrated with love, laughter and blessings.