How to streamline the job hunting process – here are three ways!

For people looking to get ahead in their careers and find their dream job, it can sometimes be really hard to know how to make the most out of your efforts.

After all, with all the different online job postings, social media networks, and lengthy application processes, it is pretty easy to end up spending a whole day looking for work, only to end the day feeling like you’ve wasted an entire day!

That’s a pretty tough feeling to deal with, and will likely lead you to start searching for ways to dramatically streamline the process. That’s where Pathrise comes in. Let us break down three ways to streamline your process of searching for the perfect job for you!

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Find a career mentor

One of the best ways to streamline your process is to find a mentor – or enter a mentorship program – with someone well-established in the industry that you hope to enter. Working with a mentor will allow you to gain incredible insight, learn important rules and tools, and form connections across the entire industry.

Finding a great mentor can sometimes feel like a job in and of itself, but once you have that person in your corner who is experienced and confident, you will quickly start to reap the benefits in your job search and beyond.

Enroll in career workshops

Another really beneficial way to streamline your entire process is to find – and enroll in – fantastic career workshops. Career workshops act as not only a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain important knowledge about the career and industry of your choice, but also offer incredible chances to meet like-minded individuals and network with people who are both just getting started, and already established within your industry.

In the world of career development, getting ahead is often a matter of who you know. There are few better ways to get to know a whole lot of people who can help you than getting involved in career workshops throughout your job searching experience.

Work with a recruiter

Just like sports stars and movie stars have agents, so can professionals looking for a great job. Consider working with a recruiter to go out to businesses that are looking for potential employees with your experience and skill set. Often, looking for work can sometimes feel like a full-time job on its own. This can make life pretty difficult if you are also juggling work, family responsibilities, and more. To lighten the load and streamline the process for yourself, consider finding a reputable recruiter who can make sure that they are getting your CV out for the best companies and best jobs that are currently on the market.


Finding a new job can be really hard, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If you are looking to improve your job search, consider these three techniques to get ahead and find the job of your dreams.

Good luck!