How monitoring employees can skyrocket remote business growth

According to a research study conducted by Global Work Analytics, regular remote work has grown 173% since 2005. And now with the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, remote work is here to stay. Indeed, it is estimated that by 2025, about 70% of the workforce will be a remote workforce.

With this in mind, it’s only natural that the topic of monitoring employees and productivity tracking when working remotely is becoming more common today. According to a study conducted by Gartner, 26% of HR leaders report having used some form of technology or software to track employees working remotely. This figure will only keep growing as more people continue to work from home.

Employee monitoring systems enable you to track your employees to know if they are doing their work diligently while also protecting your company from insider and external threats online.

In this article, we share six ways to skyrocket your remote business growth by effectively monitoring employees. Let’s dive in!

Prevent cyberloafing

Cyberloafing or cyberslacking is when an employee surfs the internet for reasons that are not work-related. This could include using the workplace internet to play computer games or visit social media sites among other personal uses. Nowadays, the digital workplace system is common among us.

Some cyberloafing is often permitted at the workplace to act as breaks from work for the employees. However, if left unregulated, it can negatively impact business growth.

A good employee monitoring software will come with features that automatically sort employee activity into productive, unproductive, and neutral. This way, you can easily identify employees that are engaging in excessive cyberloafing.

If personal internet usage is affecting your employee’s productivity, you can blend employee monitoring software with web filtering software to regulate employee internet usage.

Objective performance review

An unbiased performance review is invaluable for businesses of all sizes. A good employee monitoring software provides a solid base for efficient workflow while also allowing you to identify hardworking individuals and teams.

On a larger scale, employee monitoring software shapes a business’s culture in a way that suits employees and customers. This can be done by rearranging internal resources, introducing multiple communication channels, and identifying the need for additional personnel. This goes a long way in skyrocketing your business growth.

Detect insider threat risks

Personal internet use at the workplace not only affects employees’ productivity but can also pose a security threat. Depending on the websites visited, employees could download harmful software, visit high-risk websites and fall for fraud schemes. Ultimately, this can pose a huge risk to the business’s intellectual property, network, and customer data.

A good employee monitoring software will go beyond monitoring productivity and trace user activity for indication of access to high-risk sites. If any high-risk activities occur, the designated personnel will be notified. This will in turn protect your business from significant financial loss that could occur due to cyber-attacks. Remember, cyber-attacks are not only expensive, but they also damage your business reputation and discourage consumers from making purchases.

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Enhances employee engagement

A good employee monitoring software tool makes it easy for your employees to collaborate on tasks. As the employer, you will also be able to monitor their progress in real-time. This increases transparency and leads to greater employee engagement which can be instrumental in increasing business growth.

Eases work and resource allocation

Business operations are highly digitized today. Modern businesses no longer use whiteboards and sheets to allocate and manage workload. Large and small businesses alike have turned to modern project management platforms to distribute workload and consequently reduce workflow holdups and employee inefficiency.

Good monitoring software provides you with invaluable workforce data so you can see where crucial business resources are being put to use. You can then decide how to modify these resources for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Payroll management

Most employee monitoring software tools can track employee hours, which means you can integrate yours into a payroll system for easy remuneration. Using manual timekeeping and payroll processes is time-consuming and prone to human error.

An employee monitoring software will significantly reduce hours spent on payroll management. You can then allocate the time saved to other tasks that impact the bottom line and speed up business growth.

Time to skyrocket your business growth with employee monitoring!

If done right, tracking and monitoring employees can immensely benefit your business and positively impact its growth. But while at it, be sure to respect your employee’s privacy to avoid crossing paths with the law. Good luck as you roll out an appropriate tracking software tool for your business.