How Can You Avoid Muscle Loss?

There is nothing worse for people who spend their free time in the gym than losing his muscles. You had been training, but at one moment, everything disappeared. Where are your muscles? Where is your strength?

1. You run a lot.

You do not need to spend a lot of time running if you want to maintain muscle mass. When you run a lot, the body begins to burn not only calories but also muscles.

The same thing happens when you go to bed with an empty stomach – the body still wants more energy and takes it from muscle tissue. Therefore, we recommend reducing the intensity of running. It will be better for you and for your muscles.

2. You are in the gym too much.

Another problem that many guys face is overtraining. They do a lot of repetitions, cause their body pain. Their muscles seem big after a workout. But it’s not about growth but simple inflammation. Muscle growth and inflammation are two different processes. Therefore, such people do not achieve long-term success and give up very quickly.

3. Improper nutrition.

Yes, extra calories are converted into fat, but if you consume food consistently and properly, most of the calories serve as fuel for the muscles. When you are without food for more than three hours, your metabolism slows down significantly. The body is in shock. At the same time, body uses calories not to increase energy but to store. Thus, our body responds to the rarity of food intake. Therefore, it is important to eat regularly – small portions, but regular.

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4. You do not get enough rest.

Sleep is a vital thing for muscle growth. If you do not sleep properly, your body will not produce the most important muscle-strengthening hormone for growth. Relax regularly!

5. You neglect complex training.

This is a common mistake among beginners. They work on the same muscles and completely forget about others. You must develop the body gradually because each muscle group is connected to another.

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