Does NAD IV Therapy Work? Benefits & Side Effects

NAD regenerative therapy offers multiple benefits to the body. Besides the treatment process is highly convenient and simple. While sitting comfortably on the chair, the patients can carry out that therapy and return to their normal activities immediately. It is quite an elevated therapy that provides multiple benefits. It works by delivering an oxidized form of NAD directly into the person’s bloodstream. It is an extremely beneficial ingredient that allows proper functioning of the body in multiple occasions. Given the importance, one can opt for NAD IV therapy in Dubai at multiple centers. The guide will provide the right insights.

Does NAD therapy work?

IV therapy can actually help regenerate the cells in the body, including the brain and the muscles. Although it is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, the rate of production declines with age, and IV therapy is a great way to infuse a large dosage of NAD into the body straight through the bloodstream. It impacts the person mentally and physically. It is believed to improve our energy production and the metabolism of the body. Besides this, NAD therapy has also proven to help improve motor skills.

What are the benefits of NAD IV therapy?

There are multiple benefits one can get with NAD IV therapy. The treatment has been helpful for the patients to achieve the health goal in a short time. Here check out the benefits you can get with NAD IV therapy in Dubai.

Helps with addiction

An addiction to drugs can be a psychological disorder that can affect the body in multiple ways. The recovery process herein is extremely difficult. Although NAD IV therapy in no way can permanently cure the addiction, it can help with recovery. It makes the entire procedure tolerable for the patient. The therapy is a natural alternative to the medications that generally comes with higher side effects. The treatment can be extremely helpful for the patients to detoxify chemical, alcohol, opioid, and prescription drug dependencies.

Reduces pain

Sirtuins play a crucial role in the inflammatory response and the antioxidant expression of the body. There are certain sirtuins that can reduce inflammation. Thus resulting in pain relief, it requires a coenzyme to function properly. This means that NAD IV therapy will help with the process of pain reduction.

Improve cognitive function

Besides impacting the pain and inflammation, NAD has the ability to improve the resistance of the cells to stress and slow the process of cognitive function. The IV therapy helps improve mental clarity, boosting memory, concentration, facilitating brain regeneration, etc.

Boost energy

NAD is generally known as molecular currency which acts as an energy source. It helps support many functions in the body like muscle contraction, cellular respiration, etc. NAD IV therapy can help the production of NAD in the body, which boosts energy levels and reduces any feeling of exhaustion. Besides, it can also help people recover from jet lag.

Helps with weight management

The NAD coenzymes have a great role in the body’s metabolic process. When the NAD IV therapy is infused and maintained with proper diet and exercise, it can help the patient maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially helpful for the patients when they start aging, and the metabolism becomes slower.

Reverse aging signs

As discussed, NAD can be helpful in the inflammation, cognitive function, and pain management of the body. It also help slow down the aging process. With timely treatment you can maintain a good health. With any IV therapy, one can greatly impact the sirtuins, which reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and any other early aging signs.

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NAD IV therapy side effects 

NAD IV therapy is an absolutely safe process that does not come with any adverse side effects. There are thousands of people who have successfully opted for NAD IV therapy in Dubai and have seen no reaction to it. There can be some mild symptoms which include increased energy, better athletic performance, brain function, mental clarity, metabolism, and enhanced mode. Just with one therapy, one can get great benefits. However, it will be beneficial to visit a reliable center for the therapy to guarantee positive results.


Given the benefit, NAD IV therapy offering is there are more and more people who are opting for the treatment to get the results. Besides, as there are no possible side effects of the same, there is a great demand for the therapy. If you are planning to get NAD IV therapy in Dubai, then Atelier Clinic must be your choice. They have experienced professionals to administer the therapy well and will guarantee you have a safe and comfortable experience. Besides, the cost of the IV therapy treatment at the center is highly affordable. Make sure to try on the therapy as for sure it will benefit you.