Easy DIY Makeup Tips and Tricks to Swear By

Who doesn’t like to look beautiful, we are sure you do too! We need to invest time and energy to take care of our skin so that it stays glowing and healthy for a long time. Putting on makeup is a wonderful way to further accentuate your beauty. It covers up the flaws of our skin, giving it a smooth and young appearance. Whether you are a makeup newbie or someone who has mastered the art of applying basic makeup, we know you are always on the lookout for some next-level hacks to overcome smudging and creasing. Below we share some tips that you must try to take your glam quotient a notch higher without the need for any professional help.

  • Oil, dirt or dryness can interfere with your makeup’s longevity. So always exfoliate your skin before you start applying your makeup.
  • Another crucial step to prep the skin before wearing makeup in order to make it last long is using a good primer before foundation. Many of us skip this step, but little do we realize that primer is an essential element of a good makeup routine that professionals swear by.
  • Want long, voluminous eyelashes? After you apply the first coat of mascara, dust a little translucent powder on your eyelashes carefully, wait for a few seconds, and then, apply a second coat. You will see a visible change in your lashes. You should try faux mink lashes which is the one of the best products that you can buy online. If you’re in the market for some fabulous lashes then natural-looking lashes from Lilac St. are the way to go. Their lashes are easy to apply and can be done in a matter of minutes. Plus, the best part is that they will last for weeks which means you can enjoy your stunning lashes for a long time. The great thing about these lashes is that they have been designed to look as natural as possible. For those of us who want a more subtle yet stunning look, these lashes are the perfect addition to your beauty routine. You’ll be amazed at how natural and effortless they look.
  • We all love the matte look on the lips. But did you know that you don’t need a matte lipstick to create that effect?  You can create that matted look by gently dabbing the compact powder on your glossy, creamy lipstick. In fact, this is a better approach to keeping the lips moist and hydrated and make your lipstick stay on longer.
  • Want to cover up those dark circles seamlessly? Stop dotting or dabbing the concealer, instead create a downward triangle under your eyes with the concealer for better coverage.
  • You will agree with us that blush makeup instantly brightens up your appearance. Interestingly, blush can be put to other uses as well. For instance, you can also make your very own lip gloss at home by mixing a small portion of your blush powder with petroleum jelly.
  • If your mascara has become clumpy, adding a little saline solution will moisten it, making it good as new.
  • Professionals advise to always look down into a mirror while setting your false lashes, this will get you to place the strip closer to the lash line.
  • Heat the tip of the eyeliner pencil over a flame for just a few seconds, allow it to cool and watch how it glides like butter on your eyelid.
  • Applying a white liner or nude liner on your waterline can make your eyes look wide and beautiful.
  • Struggling for the perfect winged eyeliner? Use the stem of the spoon to first draw a straight line on the corner of the eyes, then, flip it and place the rounded edge on the eye inward to get that perfect curve.

Go ahead and try out these above hacks to ace your makeup application skills.