Best Institutes in Scotland for Scalp Pigmentation Training

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a form of tattoo that is performed on the scalp to make the appearance of thick hair growth on the scalp. Scalp micro-pigmentation works similarly to Microblading.

In each procedure, pigmentations are used to color the desired area to imitate the presence of hair growth. Microblading is a procedure usually done on the eyebrows to make them appear fuller.  

Scalp micro-pigmentation also commonly known as a hairline tattoo, needs a professional practitioner to perform the job. There are several institutes of Hairline tattoo in Scotland where you can learn how to perform it. 

Microblading is done manually by hand using a blade to make cuts and infuse the pigmentation.  on the other hand, Scalp micro-pigmentation is done with an electric tattoo device. The tattoo device is used on the scalp because the skin on the scalp is hard to penetrate in comparison to the skin on the face under the eyebrows. 

Who Should Get Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)? 

Scalp micro-pigmentation is recommended for people with a receding hairline, alopecia (a disorder that makes your hair fall out in clumps), cancer (mostly after intense chemotherapy), thinning hair and types of male and female baldness. 

The idea of performing this procedure is to make the hairline appear fuller and denser. Scalp micro-pigmentation is not to be mistaken for hair transplant, as this procedure does not help the hair grow back. It is only done to the scalp to appear full of hair and usually gives the effect of a closely cropped or shaven hairline. 

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Damage the Hair Follicles? 

The scalp micro-pigmentation does not cause any harm to the hair follicles. It works just like a tattoo does, it just helps to colour your skin without interfering with the pores and follicles. The SMP is usually placed between the follicles to fill the empty part of the scalp to fake a thicker hair growth. 

How to Get Trained For Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)? 

To learn any new skill and to get trained in a particular skill set, the first thing is to be interested and invested in that skill set. After learning, to master the skill it is very important to practice as well. Without enough practise any skill can go to waste. 

First, try to develop your interest and try to learn and study as many cases as possible. Each client is different from the other, also with different requirements. So, it is very important to learn from an experienced practitioner which can teach you everything regarding SMP.  

Where to Get Trained In Scotland? 

There are many institutes and programs that provide scalp micro pigmentation training in Scotland. Some of the best names are; 

  • Skulltec Training Academy 
  • Scalp Studio  
  • Hair Line Inc 

Before choosing a learning program, make sure that the trainers are highly professional. Also, try to learn about the equipment they use and about their procedure and sessions. 


Scalp Micropigmentation is a process to fake the appearance of thicker hair growth. This procedure is very much similar to getting a tattoo and is more commonly called a hairline tattoo.