8 Tips On Shopping The Best OPPO Phone Under INR 15,000

OPPO is among the few smartphone manufacturers in India, making their mark by directly competing with bigger brands such as Samsung and Motorola. OPPO offers feature-rich mobile phones that are popular given their affordable prices. If you are looking for the best phone in India, an OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000 can be a good choice. 

Here are 8 tips to help you pick the best OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000:

Set Your Priorities Straight

To find the best OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000, you need to be able to define your unique needs and preferences beforehand. You may need an OPPO phone just for clicking appealing selfies or for gaming – factor in your special requirements before purchasing a device.

This will determine which OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000 is the best phone for you. Worry not, as OPPO has a wide range of budget phones designed for different use cases.

Pay Attention to the Features

When buying the best phone, you need to pay attention to all the features. Small details such as fast charging, gesture control, and other accessibility options make a huge difference in user experience. For instance, having a Virtual RAM boost/gaming mode is great for game lovers. Similarly, some other camera features like Bokeh Flare are great for selfie lovers.

Be Mindful of the Hardware

Budget phones often come with decent hardware, especially when buying an OPPO phone under Rs. 15000. OPPO’s budget mobile phones are popular for having the best possible hardware available in their price category. The quality of the hardware matters a lot as it will also impact the smartphone’s longevity. Going for a cheaper handset does not mean that you have to settle for sub-standard components.

Build Quality and Design

A solid build quality ensures that the best phone will stay protected against physical damages such as falls, scratches, and bumps. The build quality depends on the material of the phone (plastic/metal/glass), the size of the device, and its thickness. Slimmer phones are easy to hold and tougher to drop. There are some important aspects of design and build quality that you must know before buying an OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000.

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4G or 5G?

This aspect confuses most buyers because they have so many doubts in their minds. Some may think their 4G device will not work with newer 5G SIM cards. Others think that 5G is still new in the market, and there’s no such device that supports all the available bandwidths.

While these questions are legitimate, they aren’t necessary — most OPPO 4G smartphones support 5G SIM cards even if they aren’t compatible with the 5G data bandwidth. In any case, users will not have to face any network issues regardless of their SIM type.

Battery and Storage

Having a bigger battery ensures that you can enjoy your favorite series or HD games for a long time without any interruptions. The best phone from OPPO will pack a powerful battery that will provide you with long hours of heavy usage on a single charge. OPPO phones are popular among customers for their superior battery life and longevity.

Sale and Discounts

To get the latest OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000, you can wait for the right occasion — such as Independence Day sale, Diwali sale, Holi sale —to get a high-priced handset within your budget. Apart from this, you can also wait for clearance sales to get a high-end smartphone for cheap.

OS and User Interface

Users have different preferences for operating systems. However, all operating systems are dynamic and are constantly evolving according to user preferences and needs. Therefore, whichever OS you choose will be fine after a few updates.


Summary: Regardless of its price, OPPO mobile phone has something for everyone. An OPPO phone under Rs. 15,000 packs the latest hardware and software that can easily handle the heaviest tasks.

Whether you are an avid gamer or a serial Netflix watcher, the best phone from OPPO will easily let you do anything you want. Here are some tips and tricks to help you select the ideal OPPO phone for your requirements.

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