5 Ways to Market your Salon Digitally

It’s 6 am; you woke up from a notification. Suddenly, you realize it’s 9 am now, and you have spent 3 hours scrolling through every social media platform. That’s how addicting it is. Everybody is talking about how social media affects our lives and captures every part. It has its own set of pros and cons. But it is a big pro when it comes to business, especially the beauty business.

We have reached a point where cut-throat competition in the saloon business because of its vast market value. But people already have countless options for saloons in their neighbourhood, let alone the whole city. And let’s be honest, no matter how good of a service you provide, it is hard to cross the line of average sales. There has to be a better way to increase those numbers and provide good services. And there is. Digital marketing is the key to reaching people in a way that isn’t possible otherwise.

We have some great tips to promote your salon digitally.

  • Ratings and Reviews-Be it trying a new restaurant or watching a new movie, people often rely on other people’s experiences to guide their decision. So to influence more people to go to your salon, you need to request your existing clients to write about their experiences. Also, if you ever get a bad review, don’t ignore it. Address the concern. That is the best way to overcome it.

A high review star rating might be the reason why your next customer chooses you instead of the saloon next door! Try and get your satisfied clients to add reviews about the specific services they went for instead of a general review. That way, it feels more personal and matches keywords that people can find easily.

  • Use of Social Media Platforms: The best way to convince somebody about your talent is by showing them. So, it would be best if you did every little thing to show people how brilliant you are at the services you provide. You can start by uploading videos on youtube, reels, snaps, posts before after photos, small beauty tips. This is a great way to showcase your talent and convince people to choose you. You can also introduce your stylists, technicians, estheticians on your media and do small segments about them to promote a homely environment.
  • Branding-Another vital way to promote yourself is to brand yourself properly. You need people to recognize your saloon even though they’re in another city. For that, you need a website and an excellent logo to become the face of your business. You can use apps like barber logo maker and develop a logo as per your needs.

And in your website, provide all kinds of information, including business name, logo, tagline, products and services, timings, appointment details, contact number, etc. You can also List pricing and services provided by your saloon and create packages and schemes to lure people in.

  • Online ads: Online Ads have taken over the advertisement industry like a storm. The best way to put something out is by investing a tiny amount in online ads. That way, you manage to reach a layer of people which were otherwise impossible to achieve. Through online advertisements on Facebook or Google, you get a pre-filled response form which helps you in customer acquisition. They’re not free but trust me they’re very cheap in terms of recognition you receive. Usually, Facebook and Google provide high-quality images in your advertisement, making it very attractive for people who see it. Sometimes, it is so good that it is better than real.
  • Viral trends: We see a new trend go viral on social media almost every week. They last for a short time, but they create a big buzz during that period. So, creating engaging videos, including the trend, keep people hooked and help you make headlines.

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The Salon business might seem like a small venture. Still, it has sizable gains that lure people into it, besides needing a spa day or a relaxing head massage. But moving ahead in the race is a tough job that can be done quickly through digital marketing.

People who post their beauty results online encourage others to go for it. We have come a long way from the word of the mouth concept, but at the end of the day, it is still the most effective way people choose a particular option. And digital marketing provides that in its way.