5 Tips for Maintaining a Combi Oven

As a commercial kitchen owner, your combi oven is special to you. Now that you have a coveted unit like a Rational oven in your space, taking steps to maintain it should be the next goal. Most combi ovens have mechanisms that take care of a large portion of the residue that is found in the oven. However, there are ways to take care of the oven to prolong its life and enhance efficiency. 

Proper Installation 

Understandably, most oven owners face issues with their combi ovens because they were not installed right in the first place. While installing the unit, make sure that there is enough space around to move it to access the controls as well as service it occasionally. Placing the oven close to the fryer, griller, or other equipment without a guard is not the best idea. 

The most common reason behind combi oven malfunctions is that the unit is not placed on level ground. The hoses for water supply and drainage also need to be connected properly. Other errors regarding the location, such as with the floor drain, also lead to complications. The hot condensate from the oven runs down to the drain, but some ovens also have their air intake on the underside. Placing such units closer to the floor exposes the air intake to moisture. 

Thus, contact licensed experts to determine the best location for your Rational oven and install it the right way.  

Checking Water Quality 

Each brand of combi ovens has a specified level of water quality. Since the water quality is related to the oven’s warranty, you must ensure that the criteria are met. Check-in with your local agencies to get the water at your establishment tested. 

Depending on the results of these tests, licensed professionals can create unique water filtration systems for each unit. Without taking care of the water quality, your unit is prone to get damaged faster.  

Regular Cleaning 

Today, most ovens are self-cleaning. However, the external stainless steel structures need to be wiped down regularly. Preferably, use a soft and wet cloth to wipe down the equipment. Refrain from using steel wool or flat-edged scrapers. 

Stick to the specific directions provided by the manufacturers when it comes to choosing the cleaning solutions and other instructions. 

Cleaning the Delicate Parts 

Not all parts of the Rational oven can take hardcore cleaning. For instance, the touchscreen on the unit cannot stand being washed by pressure hoses. Alcohol wipes are the best solution to cleaning the smudges off the touchscreen and the temperature probes in the oven.

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Watch for the Drains 

The drain meant for the condensate runoff can get clogged without cleaning. Once this happens, the oven will cease to function. Ensure that your employees know that nothing apart from the condensate should flow down the combi drain. 

With time, the hoses might wear down. Keep a regular schedule to check on these parts and replace them immediately when damage is noted. 

While manufacturers give out specific maintenance guidelines for each model, some maintenance techniques apply to ovens universally. For an oven that performs its best and maintains a high efficiency for a long time, regular cleaning and monthly servicing can be of great help. Informing the entire kitchen crew and anyone else who has access to the kitchen about tips to keep the place clean helps mitigate avoidable accidents.