5 Pointers for Picking the Perfect Crane Rental Company

A wide variety of industries depend on cranes for an assortment of heavy lifting tasks. This is especially a feature on construction job sites. With heavy machine rental becoming quite a lucrative industry, it’s easier than ever to hire just about any type of crane.

Opting to use the service for crane hire Melbourne and other prominent Australian cities have on offer makes it easier and more economical for contractors to get their lifting jobs done. Getting the job done timeously though depends on the type of rental company you’re using.

Tips that Will Help You Find the Right Crane Hire Company

While it might seem that one rental company is the same as another, this is far from the truth. Crucial factors like service, quality of product and industry experience all go a long way in determining which rental company is better.

To ensure you make use of the best company for your rental needs, there are several factors to consider, some of which are discussed below.

Industry Experience

Anyone can establish a rental company and offer products for hire. For your benefit though, always check the level of experience the rental company has before using them yourself.

Ideally, you want a company that has extensive experience in renting machines to your particular industry. That will prove they know what they’re doing and advising you to do. You’ll most certainly be guaranteed to get the right type of crane for the type of lifting job you’re planning.

The only time to consider a newly founded rental company is if it’s run by experts with sufficient expertise in the required industry.

While using experienced companies and skilled experts might cost slightly more, it’s worth spending the extra money for peace of mind. Ask for referrals and check online reviews.

Well-Known in the Industry

Another effortless way to find the best crane rental company is to ask around. You’ll soon find out which companies have good reputations.

Chances are this won’t be your only crane job. If you’re going to be doing more lifting jobs on other sites, you’d want a rental company that you can rely on going forward.

Speak to other people in the industry and ask them about the issues they’ve had with companies they’ve used. Enquire about product quality, timeous delivery and collection as well as the expertise and customer service of the people they dealt with.

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Adherence to Safety Regulations

Whether you’re renting a small crane for a few hours or a bigger machine for a few weeks, safety should always be the main priority. Using a cheaper rental company that doesn’t adhere to legislated safety regulations puts your employees’ safety at risk.

The machines should meet general safety regulations set out by each particular industry. Ask to see the service records of the unit you’re planning to hire. This will give you an indication of whether or not the machine is serviced regularly.

Whoever is going to operate the crane should also have the relevant qualifications to drive or operate the crane. It’s important to note that this might vary by state. Always enquire what the regulations are and if they’re being met.

Access to a Quality Fleet of Cranes

If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you’ll have an idea of the type of crane you need. If you’re new to using cranes, it’s important to remember that not all cranes are the same. Different cranes perform distinct functions.

Ideally, you want to use a company that offers a variety of well-maintained cranes and necessary accessories. That way you won’t be stuck with a second-grade crane that looks neglected and isn’t really suited to what you need it to do. Always be upfront with the rental company about what you need to be done so that they can provide you with the crane best suited to the job.


It goes without saying that some of the top crane rental companies might be fully booked up throughout the year. It helps to shortlist two or three top companies to consider. If a particular rental company is fully booked, another is already on your speed dial.

Once you find a company you enjoy working with, discuss your future plans and build relationship as well as discussing plans for the near future. You’ll have an idea of when they won’t have units available, giving you adequate time to find an alternative company to use. Having a few options to consider makes it easier for you to get the job done timeously.

Final Thought

Getting any job done successfully and timeously depends largely on having the right equipment. Using a crane rental company with experience in your particular industry will ensure you get advice regarding the right type of crane to use.

A reputable company will also ensure that their fleet of machines is maintained and serviced according to industry legislation. Using a credited rental company will take some of the stress out of getting your job done on time! So, compare and use only the best!