3 Things to Consider When Buying a Three-Seater Sofa

Furnishing a living area is never easy. Your living room is the most admired place in your house that reflects your lifestyle and personality to your guests. It is probably, the first place your guests see as soon as they enter your home. So, of course, nobody wants to make it a spoiler. A lovely 3 seater sofa can be a significant investment and one of the largest pieces of furniture in your living room. So if you want a beautiful sofa for your living room, on which you can lounge and unwind your mind and body, it makes sense to take some time to choose exactly the right sofa for you.

It can be truly overwhelming when you walk into a furniture store with so many options, a plethora of styles, and fabrics to choose from. However, you can make the process easier if you know what you need and determine what you want before stepping out. Many people go shopping without considering a few essential things and often buy something that either does not fit in their room or does not look good at all. 

So to ensure this does not happen to you and you make the right choice, this article discusses some essential things you need to consider when buying a sofa for your home. Continue reading!

1. Measuring Up for a Sofa

The first thing to do when buying a new sofa is to measure up and check out how much space you have available. While measuring up, you would need to consider a few things, like ensuring that your sofa will fit through your front door and connecting doors (if any), so don’t forget to measure their width too.

Suppose you aren’t sure whether or not a particular sofa will fit in your living room, or you would like to try positioning your new sofa in a different position from your old one. You can use a large piece of paper or cardboard and cut it to the dimensions of the sofa you intend to buy and see whether or not the couch will fit in different places in your living room.

2. Fillings

Next, you must consider what material has been used to fill the sofa. The filling used, no doubt, hugely affect both comfort and appearance of a couch. So you must look for it when buying a 3 seater sofa. Foam-filled sofas are the most widely used, providing a firm feel and appearance. Feather-filled sofas are also in the market that gives a casual, squishy feel and will need to be plumped daily to keep the couch looking its best.

3. Colour and Material of the Sofa

Another thing to consider when purchasing a sofa is the colour. When picking the colour of your sofa, make sure it complements your existing decor and goes well with other furnishings of your room, such as wall paint, floor, furniture, etc. The colour you choose will also be determined by whether you will purchase a leather or fabric sofa. Leather is undoubtedly one of the most preferred choices because it is durable, easy to clean and non-absorbent for spills and smells. The fabric takes a bit more maintenance. Plus, it also depends on factors like the area where you will put your sofa and the extent of its use.

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These are the three key things you need to consider when buying a 3 seater sofa. Besides this, if the property is rented, you will have to ensure that your furniture is not providing any bad effects on the floor or other rented stuff, including fire-retardant sofa fillings and coverings. You can purchase floor protectors to prevent your floor from getting scratched.