3 Reasons Why You Need a Sexual Assault Attorney for Your Child Abuse Claim

When a child endures sexual abuse, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to seek justice for the minor. However, it may be an overwhelming task, mainly due to a lack of experience. Sometimes, the perpetrator may be an influential person to the point that trying to obtain justice from them seems useless.

However, the law protects every person irrespective of status, and that is why you need a sexual assault attorney to represent your child in court. You’re wondering how to start filing a lawsuit for your child’s sexual abuse; here are the reasons you need to hire a sexual assault attorney immediately.

Choose a Lawyer That Has Experience With the Law

You need someone who understands all the aspects of the law and the legal proceedings around filing, trial, and winning a sexual abuse case. In addition, a sexual assault attorney has experience representing other clients with similar claims. Find a lawyer who has won similar lawsuits as well.

Suppose you decide to file the case yourself; you may make a mistake and jeopardize the chances of winning, but an experienced attorney knows what to file and when. In addition, you may not understand the legal boundaries when it comes to the statutes governing sexual assault, which change from state to state. Once the rule runs out, you will not be able to file the case again, and that is why you need a lawyer who understands the law.

You Need To Provide Evidence

Most child sexual abuse cases will demand an investigation. A sexual assault attorney will be helpful in that case. The legal practitioner knows how to obtain relevant information that helps in the lawsuit.

Suppose your fear of hiring a lawyer is the expense; you need not worry. Most attorneys specializing in sexual assault accept claims on a contingency fee basis which means you only pay when you receive a settlement for your claim. With contingency-based fees, you can access the best professional you want to represent your case and win you the justice you’re seeking.

Criminal Conviction Is Not Necessary

With the help of a sexual assault attorney, you can sue the sexual abuse perpetrator in a civil court for financial damage if there is no conviction against them. The good thing with civil lawsuits is less stress of proof and higher chances of recovering damages. In addition, winning compensation in a civil trial is more probable than winning a conviction in a criminal court.

The fact remains that financial reparation cannot undo the sexual abuse damage. Still, it can assist you as a parent in supporting the child in overcoming the trauma, especially when psychological issues arise.  

Suppose you do not have a lawyer to fight for you; it is possible to lose the case. Don’t suffer more than you have to by letting the child sexual abuser walks scot-free.

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A Final Shot

Sexual assault is devastating and can have a long-term impact on the victim. Therefore, it is crucial to help a child get justice by ensuring that the abuser receives the proper punishment. The only way to achieve that is by getting the best sexual assault attorney in your area.