10 Easy Ways to Avoid Hay Fever and Allergies on Your Special Day

Planning your wedding day can be very stressful. There’s the venue, the dress, the guest list, the food choices, and of course the flowers. For many brides, flowers are the least of their challenges. Other brides, however, suffer from hay fever and dread choosing their flower arrangements!

Finding beautiful flowers is relatively simple when you opt for the same day flower delivery Melbourne and other Australian cities have made so popular; even if you realise you’ve forgotten to order an arrangement for the church or a bouquet for the flower girl. But suffering from allergies, however, can put a damper on finding the perfect flowers for your bouquet. So, let’s help you with that.

Don’t Let Your Allergies Spoil Your Wedding Day

Research has shown that almost 1 in 5 Australians suffer from hay fever or other pollen and dust-related allergies. If you’re that one in five, planning your wedding day can have an added stress factor.

The good news is, if you’re a bride-to-be who’s prone to allergies or suffers from hay fever, there are a few steps you can take to avoid dealing with a runny nose and puffy eyes on your big day! Keep reading for a few expert suggestions.

Tip # 1: Weigh the Options Between Indoor and Outdoor

While an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature sounds like the most idyllic setting, it might be a good idea to consider an indoor event if your allergies are extreme. If however, it’s always been your dream to get married in the outdoors, you’ll need to take special note of our next few tips.

Tip #2: Speak to Your Doctor

Speak to your doctor about your allergies. Do this well in advance and disclose your intentions to get married in the outdoors. They will most likely give you a series of allergy medications that can help control your symptoms.

Tip #3: Speak to Your Florist

It’s also crucial to discuss your allergy with your florist. Discuss the options of scent free blooms and allergy-free bouquets. Some flowers contain less pollen than others and those are the ones to shortlist.

Speak to the florist about incorporating more green leaves and stems in the bouquet to avoid the need for too many blooms. Alternatively, as a last resort, you could opt for silk flowers that are a replica of your dream bouquet.

Tip #4: Research Waterproof Make-up Options

If you’re not entirely convinced that unscented flowers will keep the tears and sniffles at bay, find waterproof make-up, especially mascara. If you’re having your make-up down by a professional, discuss waterproof, no-run products.

Once you’ve found your ideal make-up, do a trial run. Ideally, you want to do this with your make-up on, surrounded by the same flowers you want to use on the day. That should give you an idea of how it will go. Do this in advance so that you can tweak your make-up or flower options.

Tip #5: Be Upfront with the Venue

Speak to the wedding planner or reception venue about your allergies. Enquire if they’ll be able to assist by mowing the lawn about three days in advance. This will prevent fresh cut grass from triggering your allergies.

Tip #6: Consider Scent-Free Candles

Candles all over the venue might be part of the decor if the reception continues into the evening. It’s smart to consider scent-free candles. Some brides have also opted for faux candles that work equally well.

Tip #7: Find a Place for Tissues

On the off chance that you still feel hesitant despite all your precautions, find a way to keep a packet of tissues on or near you to combat the sniffles. You can consider sewing a small secret pocket into the inside of your dress or make sure your bridesmaids are always close by with tissues and antihistamines!

Tip #8: Clean the Venue in Advance

Arrange with the venue for deep cleaning in advance. This will go a long way towards combating dust allergies. Using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will counter the influence of the majority of allergens. Guests who also suffer from allergies will really appreciate the gesture!

Tip #9: Opt for a Long Veil

If you’re going to use a veil, choose one of medium length. An expert tip is to keep the veil down till you get into the church or venue. This will prevent rogue pollen spores from flying into your face minutes before your big moment!

Tip #10: Consider the Wedding Date

If your hay fever or allergies are quite extreme, consider a wedding date that doesn’t coincide with peak pollen season. Since pollen counts are generally higher in the morning, it’s a good idea to opt for an afternoon wedding. That will still give you enough light for some memorable photos and minimise the effects of pollen.

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Final Thought

Your wedding shouldn’t be spoiled by something as niggly as pollen from your flowers! With our expert tips, you’ll be able to keep your allergies at bay and enjoy a wonderful day that doesn’t involve puffy eyes and a runny nose, apart from happy tears!