Working from Home with Kids: Everything You Need to Stay Sane

Are you one of those parents who work from home? If so, then you need to read this article as we will tell you how to stay normal when working from home with kids. 

Working From Home: 

Working from home has its own challenges. You need to find a spot where you can work, set a routine, minimize distractions, and set your goals for the day. Let’s admit that raising children isn’t easy. A 2015 study by Pew Research Center reported that 56% of working parents state that it is quite difficult to have the ability to balance work and family life. This research isn’t restricted to the U.S. only but applies to other countries all over the world as different organizations have done similar research. 

Work-life Balance: 

Most people work at stressful jobs. When working from home, you might have goals that you need to accomplish for the day. So, how do you find the right work-life balance where you can reach your goals and respond to your kids too? That’s what this article is all about. 

Tips To Stay Sane For Working Parent: 

Here are the top tips which you need to follow to stay sane while working from home: 

1. Plan, Plan, Plan Working Mothers: 

There are several times when planning for the future is the best course of action. Working from home is no exception. To make the most out of your day, seasoned parents appreciate the benefits of planning. 

Often, this includes daily activities which your children can do while you focus on your work. Depending on your kids’ ages, they could be certain tasks, like coloring pages, bookmarking, and algebra assignments. 

Mom of three, Melissa A., who teaches music lessons from home, expresses how a working mother can deal with children, “I leave certain assignments for the kids when I am teaching. These assignments include silent reading, worksheets, and iPad learning games.” 

The more experience you get from pre-planning, the more it becomes your second nature. As you progress, you need to keep a documented list of options. Work from home mom, Cindy J., states, “I have made a catalog of activities which they can do individually which gives me around 20 minutes of independent work time. I have them arranged by the type of work I need to do and their ages.” 

2. Stick to A Schedule: 

If there is one thing common among those people who successfully manage working and parenting, is that their schedules are non-negotiable. So, breaking the day into clear chunks of time for you and your kids tells everyone what to expect. 

You should talk about your expectations with your kids too. Psychologist and pediatric mental health expert, Dr. Rosseann Capanna-Hodge, states, “If you have an urgent meeting or you need to be answering emails, you should let your kids know about it in advance. Moreover, you should tell them about the things which they can do during this time. For example, tell your kids that, ‘here are the top things you need to do when mom is working.’” However, if you can’t adjust the schedule, you shouldn’t blame your own choices. 

3. Arrange Virtual Playdates: 

Kids need social media, just like adults. However, when you are glued to it all day, it can be a hectic task to shuttle your little social butterfly to playdates. 

For school-going older children, who can use a device, try scheduling a virtual playdate with a friend or a weekly chat with a relative which they don’t see often. 

Virtual playdates are a win-win situation for working fathers. Not only do they provide social interaction for your child, but they also keep him occupied so that you can focus on work. 

4. Give Quality Screen Time: 

You aren’t alone if you have thanked your lucky stars for the kids’ shows on Netflix. Although the screen keeps the children engaged, it isn’t a good idea to rely on them as a babysitter. 

So, how do you give the right screen time as a work from a home parent? Experts state that it has everything to do with boundaries. Capanna-Hodge states, “Working parents need to get stuff done. So, putting kids in front of technology may seem like a good idea. However, it leads to arguments about loose boundaries. Setting clear guidelines about how your child can spend time on the device is quite essential for the child and parent.” 

Include screen time in your daily schedule for your child. However, make sure that when the allotted time has passed, the device gets shut down. However, there are times when your kids need to get more screen time than usual because you can never know how much screen time is too much. So, single moms should, sometimes, look past the rules and adopt this technique. 

5. Take Advantage of Sleep Time: 

Oftentimes, new parents hear the advice to sleep when the baby sleeps. However, this is the only time available for them to be productive. One way of getting some extra hours for work is to make kids sleep for too much time. Bunmi Ladatan, an expert on the topic, states, “I am a big believer in sleeping early. I used to be put my 5 years old to sleep at 9 p.m. But then someone advised me to put the bedtime window early.” So, she changed the time to 7 p.m. and used the extra time to get the unfinished work done. More mothers should adopt this approach. 

6. Share the Load with Your Partner: 

Raising a kid isn’t a one-person’s job. So, both mothers and fathers play an important role in these circumstances. If it is possible, having support from the child’s other partner is the key to the success of workers from home. 

Working from home with kids is a big challenge. So, it is important to set boundaries with your better half. So, you need to sort out ideas and schedule specifics with your co-parent and stick to them. This will help you to both save time and money and give you a sense of agency. 

Even if you are a single mother, you can ask for help from fellow working parents, friends, colleagues, or a neighbor. You can also get help from a career coach or a childcare expert who will help you strike a balance between the promotion of careers and family life. 

Even during the pandemic, any person, like your neighbor, would love to give you a free meal, do your laundry or take care of your daughter for some hours. Many working parents do this and you should too. 

7. Get Outside with Younger Children At the Same Time: 

Working Parent

Fresh air is the best medicine in these times. Although it’s quite tempting to open a laptop when you are on your porch, it is quite distracting and hectic. You will attract unwanted attention. The whole point of going outside is to get a restorative segment that will relieve stress and help you focus on work in a better way. It is quite beneficial for your kids too. 

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In this article, we have informed you about how to stay normal while working from home with kids. Working from home has become quite mainstream due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, being present for your kids isn’t an easy task. 

Implementing the right strategies mentioned here can make your day more productive. However, you should also be taking care of yourself and focus on self-care. So, you should use them, build strong family structures, and get the most from your family life.